We got a super medicine for Dengue

Recently dengue fever patients are increasing day by day. The dengue fever is usually transmitted by mosquitoes. This disease reduces the plasma level in the blood. Also, it develops, fever, muscle pain, joint pain. Sometime this disease causes even death. So far there is no effective treatment for this disease.

But recent research found that papaya leaf juice increases the no of platelets in the blood.

Indian Institute of Management tested with 5 dengue patients. The papaya leaf extract was given to them. Papaya leaf juice nutrients cured their disease completely.

Because, Drinking papaya leaf juice increased the leukocytes and platelets in the blood for fever patients within 24hrs from drinking. Also, The liver affected by the dengue cured and started well-functioning, the study said.

Moreover, the study discovered that anti-cancer substances and anti-maleriyal are in papaya leaf. So the study recommends to drink papaya leaf juice for malaria and cancer patients.

The papaya leaf has enough vitamins like A, B, E, etc.,. So it increases the immunity power and preventing the diseases.

How to make papaya leaf juice?

1. First clean the papaya leaf with the fresh water. Then crush the leaves with the Hands then rub it, extract out the juice.

2. One leaf will provide a spoon of juice.

3. Drink a spoon of juice 3 times per day or 6 hrs once.

Useful information right?? Please post your suggestions and comments below.

Egg Omelette

There's nothing too fancy about this, just lots of hearty goodness.Chopped onions lend even more flavor and color. This would be the perfect breakfast!


Onion -1
Salt for taste
Chilli powder -1/4 tsp or green chilli-2
Pepper- 1/4 tsp
Butter or oil- 1tsp


1. Break the eggs shell and put the yolk and white into bowl.
2. Mince the onion and add into the egg.
3. Add salt, pepper, minced green chilli or chilli powder into the bowl.
4. Beat the mixer just 10 times.

5. Heat the oil or butter in 7 to 10 inch pan or skillet until hot.
6. Gently scramble the egg mixture on the pan.

7. Gently flip back with your spatula to other side to cook.

8. Once cooked take out the omelet.
9. Now your perfect omelet is ready.

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Medu Vada/ Urad Dal Vada

Medu vada (ulundu vadai) is a traditional dish from South Indian cuisine served with coconut chutney and Vegetable Sambar as a popular breakfast in most of the Indian restaurants. This crispy deep fried snack is made from urad dal (black gram lentils) and a few basic spices like black peppercorns, curry leaves and green chillies. The process of making hotel style vadas at home is not difficult once you know the trick to get the perfect consistency of batter. Lets make it.

Ingredients Required:

Urad dal  - 1cup
Salt  - 2tsp
Onion -1
Green chilli  -4
Curry leaves  -2stems
Pepper corn -10 to 15 based on your taste
Cumin seeds - 1tsp
Oil  - for frying 250 ml


1. Soak the urad dal in water for 2 hrs. More soaking will give better and smooth batter. I usually soak for the whole night if it is for break fast, for evening snack soak from morning.

2. Add salt in the soaked urad dal and grind it using mixer grinder or blender. If it is wet grinder it would be perfect. Do not add water initially.

3. Make it thick batter. If required add water only 2 to 3 spoons each time when you are checking the batter consistency.

4. Add fined chopped onion, green chilli, curry leaves in to the batter.

5. Add cumin seeds in the batter.

6. Crush the pepper and add in the batter.

7. Heat the oil in the frying pan. Usually I used to heat oil simultaneously while preparing the batter. So that time will be saved.

8. Put the mixed batter in the oil and fry until golden color. 2spoon of batter would required for each vada.

9. Today i am not putting center whole for vada. Usually medu vada will fry good if we put whole in the center.

10. Take a two spoon quantity of batter in your four finger put whole in the center using thumb finger and put the batter into the oil. For each vada you should dip your hand with the cold water.

Hope enjoyed vada. Post your suggestions and comments. Thank you.

Garlic Chutney

Garlic chutney is hot and spicy chutney specifically for Indian street foods. This spicy condiment is prepared from garlic cloves and red chillies. Combination of green chutney and red garlic chutney would enhance any Indian chaat recipes. Garlic is having numeric health benefits, so I have been eating it. They are rich in magnesium and also best if you are suffering from cold. Moreover, garlic helps to reduce blood pressure and also solves cholesterol problem. I have embraced the recipes of garlic and other health benefits from it. 

Garlic Chutney
Preparation time - 8 Mins.

Ingredients Required:

Garlic - 100 gram

Tomato - 3

Red Chillies - 7 (Based on your requirement)

Curry leaves - 2 Stems

Oil - For seasoning

Mustard Seed - 1 tsp

Urad dal - 1 tsp

Hing or Asafoetida - a pinch

Salt - for taste

Steps to make:

1. Heat 2tsp of oil in a pan. Once oil gets hot put mustard seed and urad dal.

2. Once Mustard seeds start splutter, add Garlic and Hing or Asafoetida and fry it until the raw smell of Garlic goes out. Then add Curry leaves, Red chilies and stir it until the curry leaves getting fried.

3. Add sliced tomato's and stir it until the tomato gets messy. Then add salt to taste.

4. Now grind the mixture in the mixer grinder.

5. Now your delicious garlic chutney is ready.

Enjoy the chutney and post your suggestions and comments below. Thank you.

History of pizza

History of pizza..

Pizza, also known as the fashion of young people's food. Favorite food too. Just ordering and getting home delivery. Don't we know the history of the pizza?

Pizza is really something not born yesterday or today. It's a frequent food of Greeks from many centuries ago. But the princess of Italy, Margherita was the one reason for getting the pizza world famous. Let's see this interesting history.

In 1889, One day Princess Margherita roams around the city along with her husband Rock Umberto. She saw that Many of the poor people eating a flat bread and enjoyed eating in.
She bought a piece of bread to eat and tasted. That's it. She falls down on the taste of that bread. Then she has simply brought that breed to the palace.

The head chef of the Palace Raphael added extra flavor on this poor and simple meal and prepared a new recipe. He added Red tomatoes, white cheese, green basil and sprinkle over the pizza and made like an Italy national flag. In addition to that he named this recipe as Margheritta pizza. The locally popular pizza got popular in the world after the Second World War.

European and American soldiers has addicted to this pizza immediately putting in their mouth. When the war was over, they return to their countries with pizza. Then pizza has risen to international standards.

Result, now everywhere Pizza Hut, pizza corner and dominos. Also, this pizza reaching home within an hour after ordering.

Pizza lovers celebrating February 9 as the world Pizza day.

How is it?!!

Dry Anchovies fry (Nethili fry)

Anchovies are always my favorite, either as fresh fish or in dried form. Curd rice or Rasam
rice with this spicy anchovies / Nethili Karuvadu fry is a great combo. It is a super easy
recipe and can be prepared in just 10 – 15 minutes. Adding fresh curry leaves gives extra
flavor to this anchovies fry. This dried anchovies can also used to prepare kuzhambu or
anchovies thokku. Everything tastes great.


Dry nethili fish - 200grm
Chilli powder - 2tsp
Coriander powder - 2tsp
Turmeric powder - 2tsp
Curry leaves
Oil for frying
Salt for taste


1. Wash dry fish thoroughly about 8 to 10 times. So that soil from fish and head part will be removed properly. Having head part is absolutely good. But somebody do not like. Today I am cooking with head.

2. Add chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder and enough salt with fish and keep aside for 20 to 25 minutes.

3. Fry these fish mix in the oil well batch by batch.

4. At last batch, fry curry leaves and put all the fish fries together and mix well.

5. Now Nethili dry fish is ready.

These Nethili fry is very good with water rice, rasam rice, curd rice. We could have this fries as snack as well. Try this recipe and post your comments and suggestions below. Thanks.

Bottle gourd (Suraikai / Lauki) Dal

Sorakaya or surakkai pappu is a south indian dal recipe made using lauki also called as bottle gourd in english. Sorakaya or anapakaya is a telugu word for kaddu/lauki and this is a thick dal eaten along with rice.
Different dals are served in south indian meal platters and each dal tastes delicious and are best when served with chutneys, ghee and pickles.
This is a quick dal recipe where all the ingredients including the veggie that is sorakaya are put together and cooked well. These dal recipes are quick, healthy, nutritious and tasty too.


Moong dal  - 1 cup
Bottleguard  - 1 small
Oil - for seasoning
Musturd seed  - 1tsp
Urad dal  - 1tsp
Hing -pinch
Green chilli  - 2slit
Onion  -1
Tomoto -2
Chilli powder -2tsp
Coriander powder -1tsp
Curry leaves  -few
Grated cocunut -2 spoon
Salt  - for taste

1. Fry moong dal until raw smell going off.
2. Add cut bottle guard‚  and fried moong dal into the cooker and boil until three whistle.

3. Put oil in a pan.
4. Once oil get hot put mustard seeds and urad dal.
5. Once musturd seed starts splutter put hing and green chilli slits.
6. Once you feel the spice of green chilli put curry leaves.
7. Add onion and fry it.
8. Once onion get translucent add tomato and salt.

9. Once tomato boiled and get mussy add chilli powder and coriander powder and stir it.
10. Once raw smell of spices gone add the boiled moong dal and bottle gaurd in it and cook for 10 mins.

11. Make milk from the grated coconut and add into the curry and let it cook for another 2mins.

12. Now the tasty bottle guard dal is ready.

Note: if you want to make bottle guard kootu then add 1/2 cup of moong dal instead of 1 cup.

Try and post your comments and suggestions below. Thanks.

Boiled Eggs

How to make Boiled Eggs?

Usually people used to struggle while pealing boiled eggs. If we follow these steps you no need to struggle to peal the eggs.

Ingredients Required:

1. Egg

Steps to Cook:

1. Boil the water till bubbles started.

2. Place the eggs into the hot water and boil the eggs 12 to 14mins.

3. Once you the bubbles again slow down the flame and cook another 5mins.

4. Switch of the flame and place the eggs into the ice water for 20mins.

4. Now crack the eggs and peel the shell gently. You can able to remove shell without making scratches in the eggs.

Please try and put your comments below. Enjoy the recipe.

Eat Gooseberry and be young!!!

Historical story said that king Adhiyaman gave a rare Gooseberry to Tamil poet Avvaiayar to serve more to Tamil. This special Gooseberry has many nutrients in it. Gooseberries are rich in Vitamin-C. So it gives much energy to our body.

Disease-resistant. Diabetic patients can have gooseberries daily. Calcium, iron in this gooseberries plays an important role in protecting the hair. It makes hair roots strong. Prevents hair crumbles. Prevents heart diseases. The immune system in this protects from visually impaired diseases.
People used to say Pregnant women, people with the flu should not eat gooseberries. It prevents human from the Biliary, Rheumatic, Kapa diseases by equalizing sweet, sour and Astringency taste together.
It's a best medicine for tiredness and digestion. Also, it cures gas troubles. It cures all blood related diseases. Particularly, it cures Biliary by having gooseberry paste in empty stomach.

The nutrients contain are

Protein - 0.4 g
Fat - 0.5 g
Starch - 14 g
Calcium - 15 mg
Phosphorus - 21 mg
Iron - 1 mg
Niacin - 0,4 mg
Vitamin b1 - 28 mg
Vitamin c - 720 mg
Calories – 60g

So gooseberries avoid the old age and keep you young. This gooseberries can be available in the market easily. So going forward like gooseberries and have in your daily diet.

To increase hair growth, eat these foods!

Currently, there are a lot of hair problems. Especially men suffer greatly than women. Due to hair fall, women's hair looks thin. But men get alopecia. So young men getting older look. There are many reasons for the hair fall. One of the reasons for the alopecia is jean from the parents. So, it will continue from generation to generation. You cannot prevent them.

Few people not giving importance to hair from the beginning. Later they are worrying once started losing hair. Hair loss might be due to unnecessary worrying and getting tense. Also hair fall will happen due to the lack of proteins. Particularly due to lack of zinc and vitamins hair fall will never stop.

There are some foods to stop hair falling. Also, it contains more zinc and vitamins. Lets see those foods..


Vitamin E is necessary for the growth of hair and almond contains it more. Especially if you eat it, the blood flow to the scalp to be smooth. The hair will grow.


Walnuts are rich in vitamin E and zinc. Shedding of hair on the body due to a lack of zinc. Hence eating walnuts will avoid shedding of hair and helps in hair growth.

Sunflower seeds:

Sunflower seed having higher levels of protein, potassium, zinc, iron, vitamin B, E, magnesium and calcium nutrients. Hair is made of protein. If you have sunflower seeds, there will be a steady flow of blood to the head, the hair will grow well and strong.

If you eat Figs daily, the hair grows well. Because it has enough vitamins, A, B & C, zinc, sodium and potassium. So hair growth will be good and also be healthy.


Dryness of hair, makes weaken the hair and will start to fall. So eating Apricots fruit will avoid this problem. The iron in this fruit improves blood flow, avoid anemia deficiency, pallor of the skin, and the hair dry, weakened hair.

Banana contains tryptophan amino acid and potassium. So if you eat this fruit, you will be healthy, with dark and silky hair. Because it gives enough oil nutritions to the hair. Also potassium gives the smoothness of for hair shaft.


Berries are rich in vitamin A and E. Particularly Gooseberry, strawberries, raspberries, etc.. It will make sure the smooth blood flow to the scalp.


Orange fruit is rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, etc. Hence eating orange helps to scalp cells grow well. Also hairs will get the right amount of nutrients and will be healthy.

Raisin is high in iron. If we eat this, the blood will get a smooth flow of oxygen. Also, it gives the necessary nutrients to the hair shaft and regulating blood flow to the scalp. Also Hair will grow.


Prunes has iron. If you eat it you will avoid anemia, fatigue, brown skin, nails dry and dull hair.

Milk products:

Cow milk is rich in vitamin A and B12. The biotin which is in milk, will profoundly strengthen hair well. If vestumenr, skim milk, low-fat yogurt, etc. you can have in daily food.


Grains are rich in Vitamin B-5 and inositol. Bar snacks made of cereals in the diet helps to strengthen the hair shaft and hair will grow well

Onions can be used this way too.

We know that Onion can be used for cooking. Did you think whether onions can be used for some other purpose? Yes. Onions can be used for some cleaning purpose as well other than cooking. Particularly for cleaning kitchen items. So from next time onward do not through the cut onions unnecessarily and use for cleaning purpose. Lets see for what cleaning onions can be used..

Other benefits of Onions:

Metal Items:
Onions are used for removing the stains and rust from metals. So if you are not able to remove stains or rust, just use a piece of onion and scrub on that. It will be gone immediately and metal will look beautiful.


Do you know why we are using vegetable oil while cooking in the skillet? For avoiding the burning in the bottom of the pan. Onions also used for the same purpose. Just scrub onion in the pan before cooking food. The bottom never burns.


Onions are used for removing kitchen stains.If you keep the vessel long term in the same place, the bottom will get stained and it looks bleak. Just scrub onions in those areas. The stain will be gone away.

Grill machine:

When you buy Grill machine, it will look shine and looks good. But if you keep using for grill it will become black day by day. If you scrub onions from both ends of the grill machine, it will keep looking as brand new.

Putrid Odor:

If you feel Putrid Odor coming from some place in the house, just keep cut onion in that area. Putrid Odor will be gone away.

Do you have a belly like a big pot? It's easy to reduce.

Losing body weight is not that much easy. At the same time no need to spend much money to reduce belly. You have awesome medicines in your kitchen itself. If you eat those medicines you will lose weight as well as pot belly will be gone. Lets see those medicines.

  • Avoiding breakfast is not a right solution to reduce your weight. Because breakfast is the one giving energy to our body for the whole day. Also, avoiding breakfast will make you feel to eat more for the entire day. So avoiding breakfast makes you more health issue.

  • The best way to reduce belly is exercise. Walking is the best exercise among those. So once wake up daily, at least walk for 30 minutes. Due to this you will lose unnecessary calories from the body and thigh.

  • Honey is the best medicine to reduce weight. So add one spoon of honey with one tumbler water, two spoons of lemon juice and little pepper powder. Drink this mixture daily.

  • Spice ginger, cinnamon also a good medicine. Particularly drinking ginger tea daily 2-3 times will avoid the

  • Drinking two spoon lemon juice with water make your weight loss. Also, drinking hot water after having food naturally reduce the weight.
  • During diet eat vegetables like tomato, carrot. These vegetables are having less calories but more vitamins and minerals. If you eat these vegetables more you will be healthy as well as you will lose weight. Also, it will avoid more hungry.
  • Eat 10 curry leaves daily once wake up for 3-4 months. This will reduce belly and you will get beautiful hip.

  • When you are going to have food, dip a piece of ginger into lemon juice and salt and have it. By this you can eat less and you will be in control.

By doing these steps you will avoid belly and beautiful body. You will be healthy too.

Do you have alopecia (Hair fall from the scalp) problem? Read this.

Today's youth main problem is hair fall. People are thinking that if alopecia happen then the hair will not be grown in those areas. Alopecia is happening due to the lack of blood circulation in the head. Also the hair is falling due to the lack of protein and maintenance. Scientists recommend that these problems can be resolved by applying natural medicine. Read the following points..

To avoid alopecia:

Lemon &  Pepper seeds: This is the best natural medicine for alopecia. Grind both lemon and pepper seed together with little water and make it as a paste. Apply this gently where alopecia problems are there. It will hurt a bit. But it makes the blood circulation in those areas and hair will be grown. Do this weekly twice.

Licorice (Adhimadhuram in Tamil): Grind the Licorice with the little milk and European saffron and apply this mix on alopecia. Do this before going to sleep. Once wake up wash with the cool water.

Onion: Onion also a better medicine. Apply and gently rub on alopecia until these areas become reddish. Then rub honey on those areas. Do this daily morning and evening.

Toor dal: Make the toor dal paste and apply on alopecia during the bath. You will see the big difference.

To get healthy hair:

  1. Mix coconut oil with lemon juice and apply this mix during bath. This will avoid hair falling and hair will grow well.

  2. Marinate Urad dal and onion mix and grind. Apply this paste on the head and keep for an hour and wash it. You will get longer hair.

  3. Apply castor oil for hair daily. You will get beautiful and get rid of limp hair.

Advantages of drinking hot water!!!

Do you feel heartburn after eating oil fry snack or sweet or Poori? Take a cup of Hot water and drink slowly. Within three minutes Heart burns will be gone away.

Hot drink will avoid the excess flesh in the body.

If you have defecate problem in the morning, drink hot water. You will feel the immediate effect. (Already people used to drink coffee or tea in the morning)

Do you feel body pain? Add little dry ginger and palm sugar in hot water and drink. It cures mouth bitterness which is caused by Bile. Take bath with hot water and drink the dry ginger mix. You will feel immediate sleep. Once wake up from sleep, you never feel body pain.

If you feel foot pain after come from roaming, hot water will help to cure. Put sea salt into hot water which having enough temperature (body acceptance)‚ and dip your foot and take out. Now your pain will be gone out. If you feel your foot having dirt, add little Dettol and dip your foot. Now the dirt also go out.

Do you have a problem with Catarrh? Hot water is a doctor. Add Vicks balm or amrutanjan balm and show your face in this hot water. Your Catarrh problem will be resolved.

Whoever washing vessels or washing cloths needs to keep the hands in hot water. So that the dirt from the nails gap will be removed and your hands will be healthy.

If you come from too much sunlight, do not drink ice water. Instead, drinking little hot water will avoid the thirst.

Isinopiliya, asthma patients should drink hot water whenever feeling thirst. Also, whoever having cold, feel relaxed and they will get relief quickly.
Fill Gee and oil bottles with hot water and keep some time. Then washing those bottles easy and no need to struggle.
Cleaning the house with hot water will kills all the viruses and bacteria.
Hot water's benefits are lot and lot. Going to make hot water? Good! ! Good Carry on.

Tips to keep the blood clean!

Unclean blood in the body can cause Malaise, fever, stomach flu, etc. So it is important to keep our blood clean. Blood is the basic power of Human.

How to clean the blood through natural foods? Let's see.

Consuming Beetroot frequently can produce fresh blood.

Besides, Remove Pollen from Hibiscus flower and having petals alone in the early morning with an empty stomach will avoid the body heat and increase the fresh blood.

Cook Drumstick tree leaves with Toor lentils and mix one egg, spoon of Ghee and having 41 days continuously will produce lots of fresh blood in the body.

Having fig fruit daily also will produce fresh blood.

Having honey with Ginger juice will clean the blood.

Taking tomatoes also will clean the blood. But stroke patients should avoid much tomato to consume.

Having apricot daily also will clean the blood. Also, it will trigger hungry and make active.

Artery blockage is considered as a dangerous disease nowadays. It can be treated by natural medicine.

Consuming a cup of yogurt a day can help to avoid Artery blockage.

There is a way to get rid of from blood pressure completely. Boil and get cool the water. Then add cumin powder in the cold water and keep aside for 12 hours. Use this water for drinking daily.

Also, drinking a glass buttermilk with a spoon of lemon juice will reduce the blood pressure.

Eating Sesbania grandiflora (Agathi in Tamil) two weeks once will cure hypertension.

To overcome Coagulation, sprains ,apply ground turmeric, salt, lime leaves, hot water on the injured area.

Eating WOOD APPLE removes germs from blood.