Advantages of drinking hot water!!!

Do you feel heartburn after eating oil fry snack or sweet or Poori? Take a cup of Hot water and drink slowly. Within three minutes Heart burns will be gone away.

Hot drink will avoid the excess flesh in the body.

If you have defecate problem in the morning, drink hot water. You will feel the immediate effect. (Already people used to drink coffee or tea in the morning)

Do you feel body pain? Add little dry ginger and palm sugar in hot water and drink. It cures mouth bitterness which is caused by Bile. Take bath with hot water and drink the dry ginger mix. You will feel immediate sleep. Once wake up from sleep, you never feel body pain.

If you feel foot pain after come from roaming, hot water will help to cure. Put sea salt into hot water which having enough temperature (body acceptance)‚ and dip your foot and take out. Now your pain will be gone out. If you feel your foot having dirt, add little Dettol and dip your foot. Now the dirt also go out.

Do you have a problem with Catarrh? Hot water is a doctor. Add Vicks balm or amrutanjan balm and show your face in this hot water. Your Catarrh problem will be resolved.

Whoever washing vessels or washing cloths needs to keep the hands in hot water. So that the dirt from the nails gap will be removed and your hands will be healthy.

If you come from too much sunlight, do not drink ice water. Instead, drinking little hot water will avoid the thirst.

Isinopiliya, asthma patients should drink hot water whenever feeling thirst. Also, whoever having cold, feel relaxed and they will get relief quickly.
Fill Gee and oil bottles with hot water and keep some time. Then washing those bottles easy and no need to struggle.
Cleaning the house with hot water will kills all the viruses and bacteria.
Hot water's benefits are lot and lot. Going to make hot water? Good! ! Good Carry on.

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