Losing body weight is not that much easy. At the same time no need to spend much money to reduce belly. You have awesome medicines in your kitchen itself. If you eat those medicines you will lose weight as well as pot belly will be gone. Lets see those medicines.

  • Avoiding breakfast is not a right solution to reduce your weight. Because breakfast is the one giving energy to our body for the whole day. Also, avoiding breakfast will make you feel to eat more for the entire day. So avoiding breakfast makes you more health issue.

  • The best way to reduce belly is exercise. Walking is the best exercise among those. So once wake up daily, at least walk for 30 minutes. Due to this you will lose unnecessary calories from the body and thigh.

  • Honey is the best medicine to reduce weight. So add one spoon of honey with one tumbler water, two spoons of lemon juice and little pepper powder. Drink this mixture daily.

  • Spice ginger, cinnamon also a good medicine. Particularly drinking ginger tea daily 2-3 times will avoid the

  • Drinking two spoon lemon juice with water make your weight loss. Also, drinking hot water after having food naturally reduce the weight.
  • During diet eat vegetables like tomato, carrot. These vegetables are having less calories but more vitamins and minerals. If you eat these vegetables more you will be healthy as well as you will lose weight. Also, it will avoid more hungry.
  • Eat 10 curry leaves daily once wake up for 3-4 months. This will reduce belly and you will get beautiful hip.

  • When you are going to have food, dip a piece of ginger into lemon juice and salt and have it. By this you can eat less and you will be in control.

By doing these steps you will avoid belly and beautiful body. You will be healthy too.