A historical story said that king Adhiyaman gave a rare Gooseberry to Tamil poet Avvaiayar to serve more to Tamil. This special Gooseberry has many nutrients in it. Gooseberries are rich in Vitamin-C. So it gives much energy to our body.

Disease-resistant. Diabetic patients can have gooseberries daily. Calcium, iron in this gooseberries plays an important role in protecting the hair. It makes hair roots strong. Prevents hair crumbles. Prevents heart diseases. The immune system in this protects from visually impaired diseases.
People used to say Pregnant women, people with the flu should not eat gooseberries. It prevents human from the Biliary, Rheumatic, Kapa diseases by equalizing sweet, sour and Astringency taste together.
It's a best medicine for tiredness and digestion. Also, it cures gas troubles. It cures all blood related diseases. Particularly, it cures Biliary by having gooseberry paste in empty stomach.

The nutrients contain are

Protein - 0.4 g
Fat - 0.5 g
Starch - 14 g
Calcium - 15 mg
Phosphorus - 21 mg
Iron - 1 mg
Niacin - 0,4 mg
Vitamin b1 - 28 mg
Vitamin c - 720 mg
Calories – 60g

So gooseberries avoid the old age and keep you young. This gooseberries can be available in the market easily. So going forward like gooseberries and have in your daily diet.