History of pizza

History of pizza..

Pizza, also known as the fashion of young people's food. Favorite food too. Just ordering and getting home delivery. Don't we know the history of the pizza?

Pizza is really something not born yesterday or today. It's a frequent food of Greeks from many centuries ago. But the princess of Italy, Margherita was the one reason for getting the pizza world famous. Let's see this interesting history.

In 1889, One day Princess Margherita roams around the city along with her husband Rock Umberto. She saw that Many of the poor people eating a flat bread and enjoyed eating in.
She bought a piece of bread to eat and tasted. That's it. She falls down on the taste of that bread. Then she has simply brought that breed to the palace.

The head chef of the Palace Raphael added extra flavor on this poor and simple meal and prepared a new recipe. He added Red tomatoes, white cheese, green basil and sprinkle over the pizza and made like an Italy national flag. In addition to that he named this recipe as Margheritta pizza. The locally popular pizza got popular in the world after the Second World War.

European and American soldiers has addicted to this pizza immediately putting in their mouth. When the war was over, they return to their countries with pizza. Then pizza has risen to international standards.

Result, now everywhere Pizza Hut, pizza corner and dominos. Also, this pizza reaching home within an hour after ordering.

Pizza lovers celebrating February 9 as the world Pizza day.

How is it?!!

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