We know that Onion can be used for cooking. Did you think whether onions can be used for some other purpose? Yes. Onions can be used for some cleaning purpose as well other than cooking. Particularly for cleaning kitchen items. So from next time onward do not through the cut onions unnecessarily and use for cleaning purpose. Lets see for what cleaning onions can be used..

Other benefits of Onions:

Metal Items:
Onions are used for removing the stains and rust from metals. So if you are not able to remove stains or rust, just use a piece of onion and scrub on that. It will be gone immediately and metal will look beautiful.


Do you know why we are using vegetable oil while cooking in the skillet? For avoiding the burning in the bottom of the pan. Onions also used for the same purpose. Just scrub onion in the pan before cooking food. The bottom never burns.


Onions are used for removing kitchen stains.If you keep the vessel long term in the same place, the bottom will get stained and it looks bleak. Just scrub onions in those areas. The stain will be gone away.

Grill machine:

When you buy Grill machine, it will look shine and looks good. But if you keep using for grill it will become black day by day. If you scrub onions from both ends of the grill machine, it will keep looking as brand new.

Putrid Odor:

If you feel Putrid Odor coming from some place in the house, just keep cut onion in that area. Putrid Odor will be gone away.