Siddha Thirumoolar's formulas or tips for being young!

Excess or lack of Heat, air and water is the reason for getting diseases.

Human getting Biliary disease by heat, Rheumatic Disease by air, Kapa disease by water.

Thirumoolar said that Terminalia chebula (Kadukkai in Tamil) has cleansing power of cleaning once body, mind and soul. In Tamil, traditional people called Terminalia chebula as an Elixir. Terminalia chebula removes all the wastes from the stomach and extends human life. The taste of Terminalia chebula is Astringent. We need to consume 6 kinds of tastes to keep our body in proper ratio. If any of the taste is lagging to our body then will get diseases. It’s rare to consume Astringent taste daily. Astringent taste only will produce more blood in our body. Except Banana flower, no other food having an astringent taste of our daily food. Then how we can get fresh bloods in our body?

If we have Terminalia chebula daily we will get enough astringent to our body. Terminalia chebula will be available in all Ayurvedic medical shops. You could make powder by removing seeds. From this powder, have daily a spoon after dinner then you will get disease free life.

Terminalia chebula cures the following diseases: Eye disorders, Hearing disorders, Loss of taste, bile, Stomatitis,ENT problems, peptic ulcer, Sore Ass, Herpes, mosaic, eczema, skin diseases, Hyperthermia, LEUCORRHEA, Bladder irritation, Urinary calculus, calculus anuria, Stricture of the Urethra, Foot burn, all kinds of Hemorrhoid disease, Diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, body weakness, obesity, blood disorders, Lack of hormones for men.

Siddha Thirumoolar's one of the poem says that,

Oldman also looks like a very young man if Eating ginger with empty stomach, dry ginger in the afternoon, Terminalia chebula in the night time for 48 days continuously.

So Terminalia chebula is one of the natural jewel to keep in everyones homes.

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