1. Do not eat food till the complete stomach is full. Stop eating food when you have slightly hungry.

2. Do not maintain the diet.  Sometimes you will not get enough vitamins to your body when you are on a diet.

3. You could get weight loss by only exercising. Particularly exercise will help you to keep weight loss for more days.

4. Do not stop your favorite food completely. Have occasionally.

5. Few healthy acids are available only in Fish. So eating fish is very good for the heart.

6. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits daily. Refrigerated vegetables and fruits lose 50% to 60% actual nutrients.

7. Fresh vegetables and fruits will be helpful to protect us from cancer and heart attack diseases.

8. Do not use used oil again and again.

9. Smoking and being with much weight very, very bad for a healthy heart.

10. Having Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Lemon, Carrot is helpful for reducing cholesterol.

11. Do not get the tension while eating.

12. From Very Small or minor issues we are getting 90 % of stress.

13. Mostly Ladies have more stress than guys.

14. Do not expect always to be 100% perfectionist. Feel that you are not perfect. It will reduce blood pressure and stress.

15. Get some work from others if you are not able to do it.

16. Do not control your Angry, worry, Happy. Show them. Self is controlling those cause heart attacks.

17. There is more chance to get a heart attack if you send out employees out of work. They will be having more stress than the employees generally.

18. There is more chance to get a heart attack during winter.

19. Do not keep television, computer, and pets inside the bedroom.

20. Watching television is one of the reasons to gain more weight.

21. Do not keep your mobile as your partner. It's a very bad habit. It will even increase your stress.

22. Whoever, having passion and happiness will not get heart attacks.

23. Scientists proved that Laugh therapy helps to avoid cancer, heart attack, stress.

24. Accept your mistakes. It will increase your confidence level.

25. Try to Solve your problems by speaking.

26. Keep only positive thinking in your mind. Be Optimist.

27. There is less chance for heart attack for happy husband and wife. More chance whoever being alone.

28. Confident and positive thinking is only the solution for cancer.

29. Health checkup is mandatory yearly once.

30. Do not break your old friendship. Keep making more new friends. You will be alright if you have more friends.