Unclean blood in the body can cause Malaise, fever, stomach flu, etc. So it is important to keep our‚ blood clean. Blood is the basic power of humans.

How to clean the blood through natural foods? Let's see.

Consuming Beetroot frequently can produce fresh blood.

Besides, Remove Pollen from the Hibiscus flower and having petals alone in the early morning with an empty stomach will avoid the body heat and increase the fresh blood.

Cook Drumstick tree leaves with Toor lentils, one egg, a spoon of Ghee, and having 41 days continuously will produce lots of fresh blood in the body.

Having fig fruit daily also will produce fresh blood.

Having honey with Ginger juice will clean the blood.

Taking tomatoes also will clean the blood. But stroke patients should avoid many tomatoes to consume.

Having apricot daily also will clean the blood. Also, it will trigger hungry and make active.

Artery blockage is considered a dangerous disease nowadays. It can be treated by natural medicine.

Consuming a cup of yogurt a day can help to avoid Artery blockage.

There is a way to get rid of blood pressure completely. Boil and cool the water. Then add cumin powder in the cold water and keep aside for 12 hours. Use this water for drinking daily.

Also, drinking glass buttermilk with a spoon of lemon juice will reduce blood pressure.

Eating Sesbania grandiflora (Agathi in Tamil) two weeks once will cure hypertension.

To overcome Coagulation sprains‚ apply ground turmeric, salt, lime leaves, hot water on the injured area.

Eating Wood Apple removes germs from blood.