Recently dengue fever patients are increasing day by day. The dengue fever is usually transmitted by mosquitoes. This disease reduces the plasma level in the blood. Also, it develops, fever, muscle pain, joint pain. Sometime this disease causes even death. So far there is no effective treatment for this disease.

But recent research found that papaya leaf juice increases the no of platelets in the blood.

Indian Institute of Management tested with 5 dengue patients. The papaya leaf extract was given to them. Papaya leaf juice nutrients cured their disease completely.

Because, Drinking papaya leaf juice increased the leukocytes and platelets in the blood for fever patients within 24hrs from drinking. Also, The liver affected by the dengue cured and started well-functioning, the study said.

Moreover, the study discovered that anti-cancer substances and anti-maleriyal are in papaya leaf. So the study recommends to drink papaya leaf juice for malaria and cancer patients.

The papaya leaf has enough vitamins like A, B, E, etc.,. So it increases the immunity power and preventing the diseases.

How to make papaya leaf juice?

1. First clean the papaya leaf with the fresh water. Then crush the leaves with the Hands then rub it, extract out the juice.

2. One leaf will provide a spoon of juice.

3. Drink a spoon of juice 3 times per day or 6 hrs once.

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