Due to the climate change our body getting hot. Particularly for frequent travelers and who is sitting on chair and sofa for a long time. Due to body heat from our head hair to foot loosing health. Particularly, it will make acne, skin disorders, hair loose, Stomach pain, weight loss.

To fix this, we have a simple and confidential way of Sidha treatment.

Ingredients required:

Sesame or Gingily oil - 2 tsp


Black Pepper


Heat Gingily oil to a medium heat in a pan. Once oil gets hot, add Black Pepper and Garlic. Do not remove skin from Garlic while adding. After a few minutes, remove the pan and bring down to cool. Apply this oil on both foot Toe nails. Exactly after two minutes, wash the foot. While doing itself, you will feel the coolness in your body. Do not try this method if you are having cold. Whoever, having depression, body heat should try this method. This mixture smell is divine in nature.

Traditionally Sidha advised to all men to follow these steps to who is having problem with impotency. This method will resolve the impotency problem within three months.

Whoever working in IT industry needs to follow this method to avoid depression. Kids can follow weekly twice.

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