Below are the most common varieties of grapes.

Red wine grape varieties:

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon

  2. Shiraz

  3. Zinfandal

  4. Merlot

White wine grape varieties:

  1. Sauvignon Blanc

  2. Chenin Blanc

  3. Viognier

  4. Chardonnay

Raisin is useful for women during Pregnant, periods. Also, it is the best solution for constipation.

Raisin is rich in vitamin B and calcium. Baby grows in the womb gets all the necessary nutrients through the mother. So Mother's health is very, very important.

So pregnant women are recommended to drink the mixture of the milk with raisins. Before drinking boiled this mixture and get it cool. So the during birth, baby will be very healthy and women will not face much delivery problems.

Some women being get much stomach pain during their periods. If these women drinking the mixture of raisin with hot water, the pain will go away immediately.

Do not eat raw raisins. Wash it off with water and knead by hand for a while and then eat well washed raisins.