Uthukuli(Tirupur District, Tamilnadu) butter is famous for its quality. Uthukuli is basically a dry land. So they did not do agricultural work. Alternatively, they decided to do livestock metier. Since they did not have grazing land, they used to feeding healthy forage like stalks of maize, Bran, oil-cake for cow and buffalo's. So the milk produced by livestock was very quality. Due to the quality of milk, Uthukuli Butter is having better and special smell and taste.

In the beginning, this butter metier started by Uthukuli ladies. Because every house in the Uthukuli had cows and buffalo's. So they produced excess milk and milk products. After their use, they sold the milk and milk products. Even after if milk is remaining, they made curd and butter. They keep collecting butter daily and sold in the market weekly once. This way Uthukuli ladies make money from their side. Mens go out of Uthukuli and do other work and earned money. Slowly Uthukui butter got famous for its quality and taste in other places. So men and women started doing this Butter business.

Long days ago, British people from the Ooty drank only fatty removed milk. So they brought the milk grinding machines from the Londan. After freedom, they present these machines to their Indian workers. Using these machines, they produced milk products from Ooty. Since these people came to know the most famous of Uthukuli they shifted to Uthukuli. One among these people, namely Sabapathi started SS dairy company in Uthukuli. In 1953, Sabapathi’s son Somasundharam expanded butter business across India. But 1946 itself Indira dairy farm started in Uthukuli and they did business across the states in India.

The other reason for their successive business is the railway station available in Uthukuli. These trains carrying the butter to all other places from here.

How they are making butter:

They are using the machine name called Lister to separate milk and cream. Actually on top of the machine they are pouring the milk in the barrel and inside the machine they are having 40 layers of plates. While milk passing through these plates layer, the milk and cream are separated and saved in separate drum.

They will keep this cream for three days. After getting sour taste this cream becomes solid. This is the stage of Butter without cleaning. After this stage they are doing cleaning process.

They are putting all the cream into this drum and pouring enough water in the same drum and keep rotating the drum. So that the water will mix with the butter and clean.

Later this mixer is placed on top of big plates and the water from the butter will be removed. On top of Butter they are rolling some roller. So that butter will be squeezed and the excessive water will be removed.

Now this butter is pure and will be ready to export.