We are slowly forgetting the suggested medicines during pregnancy told by our traditional people. Are you conceived? Congratulations. Consult with a good doctor since we have already reached the time, which we will be only relying on the hospitals during the pregnancy life. Obstetrics, much-needed medical field. However, over the whole period of fertilization, only believing on chemical medicines, tonic and ignoring traditional medicines is sad news. Consulting with the family doctor and knowing necessary essential care, disease resistance, sugar, blood pressure, presence of infectious diseases are important. The modern medical science reduced the frequency of maternal death during pregnancy and child child deaths during birth.

At the same time, we need to think why most normal deliveries likely to happen in the developed countries such as the United States, England, Canada and why frequent Cesarian in India Is this due to the weak pelvic for Indian women? Or Cesarian is less risk than normal deliveries for doctors? Or people dealing with the doctors to take out the baby on particular time to fix the baby's horoscope? Or Asking to do cesarian such that women will go to office on the third day of delivery? Or doctors asking permission for Cesarian to husband's by telling scaring news such that baby will get suffocation and husband's requesting doctors to do whatever to save wife and baby in this complex situation?.

Pregnant women have to take more Pomegranate. It will give the best result for pregnancy vomiting , anemia, the first trimester rate of miscarriage. Sprouted fenugreek porridge and urad porridge are enough for unreasonable Leucorrhoea. Black Panneer Grapes will helpful for Bleeding in early pregnancy, shrinking of the Uterus. Lotus flower , star anise is used to overcome the pregnancy difficulties. These herbs which are rich in folic acid, pain killer capability, antibiotic, antioxidant, iron and mineral needs to include in the research in order to help during the pregnancy.

Colorful fruits, greens, fish, eggs, milk, ragi, brown rice or hand made rice foods are very essential for pregnant women. No other costly tonics can give the benefit than Spinach with moong dal and Ragi dosa. Constipation is common during pregnancy due to Bladder Shrinking in front side and backside pressure on the rectum.

For relieving from this problem women needs to drink four litre water daily, FIG, Banana Stem Salad, ripe bananas, if necessary needs to have nimble Terminalia chebula at night after doctor's advice. Nowadays no need to worry about Gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Having fenugreek and curry leaves in daily diet brings additional control.

Tamil Sidha Agathiyar told in his Valladhi that women's Uterus is 23mm in size and in 5th month baby's ear, nose and lips and in 7th month hair will be formed without ultrasonic sound.

In 1700's Carl Linneas who laid the foundations for the modern biological naming scheme and history calling him as the father of modern taxonomy. At the same time we forgot all the medicine advised by our Sidha's.

Many years ago itself traditional people researched and defined the medicines for all the diseases. Do we need to avoid their research and science?