Muringaila or Drumstick Leaves can be used in combination with Egg for preparing Thoran. It is a dry dish and goes in combination with Rice as a side dish. I love drumstick leaves stir fried either with coconut or with egg. A healthy yet tasty drumstick leaves fry which is unknown recipe among many of us. I know that it is a pain to get the greens cleaned but it compensates with its cooking time as this fry just takes 10 minutes from start to finish to cook up.


Drumstick leaves - 1 cup

Egg - 3

Mustard seeds - 1 tsp

Urad Dal - 1tsp

Curry leaves - 1leaflet

Green chilli - 3

Pearl onion - 8

Garam masala - ½ tsp

Pepper powder - ½ tsp

Oil for seasoning

Salt for taste


Clean the drumstick leaves from the leaflets.

Heat two spoons of oil in a pan.

Once oil hot, add mustard seed and urad dal.

Once the mustard starts splutter, add green chilies. Whenever adding green chilli fry until the green chilli flavor added into oil. So that the recipe will be little more tasty.

Now add curry leaves and chopped pearl onion.

Stir the onion until becoming translucent.

Add Drumstick leaves and fry it until the leaves become translucent. Do not add water.Add garam masala and pepper powder and stir it.

Once leaves completely fried break three eggs and add into the leaves without shell.

Fry it until the egg become scrambled and dried.

Now the Egg podimas with drumstick leaves is ready. This can be used as a side dish or breakfast. It is excellent combination with white rice, Rasam or water rice.

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