Lonavala is a hilly city located at on the highway of Pune to Mumbai from 50 km away from Pune city. Traditionally it is called as Len Avali. This city is famous for Maganlal Chikki. Chikki means sweetened groundnut with jaggery. In Tamilnadu also Kovilpatti is famous for its Chikki.

Lets see the history of Maganlal and Chikki.

In 1888, Bhewrajji Agarwal had put up his shop in his son's name Maganlal. Initially this shop started selling the gud-dani.(Pori urundai in Tamil, sweetened puffed rice balls in English). In this same time the Mumbai to Thane rail extended till Lonavala. So Indian railway requested Bhewrajji to sell his Gud dani, inside train for travelers. Travelers liked the taste of this snack, but they are not able to pronounce Gud-dani easily. So Railway department requested them to sell another healthy snack along with Guddani and asked them to give easy name which is easily pronounced. So they used the ingredients groundnut, Ghee and jiggery and prepared Chikki. Every traveler likes the taste of this sweet.

Later this snack started preparing with Sesame, badam and other nuts.