If you scrub the beet juice on burnt skin you can avoid the blister and the wound will cure quickly.

Beetroot will cure the constipation and anemia.

Beetroot will avoid indigestion and increase the digestion.

Erythrocytes or Red blood cell will increase in the body if we eat raw beet-root with lemon juice.

If we apply vinegar with the beet-root boiled water on yuck, Dandruff, Deep lesions, you will get rid of these shortly.

If we absorbed beet juice by nose, headache and toothache will cure.

If we apply beet juice with coconut oil on a healing wound, it will cure quickly.

If we wash Itchy rash part using beet syrup it will cure.

Beet root contains 87.7% of the water content, 1.7% protein, 0.1% fat content, 0.8% salt and mineral, 0.9% fiber 8.8% contains lactose.

Also, beet contains Calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, copper, sulfur, chlorine nutrients, vitamin C, thiamine, Riboflavin. Beet greens are rich in vitaminA.