In 20th century, starting king Nalvadi Krishna Raja Wodeyar was reigning Mysore. Kagasura Madappa was a chief chef of palace Amba Vilas. The king was very interested in eating different kind of foods. So Madappa used to prepare different varieties of food and gave to King. King also appreciates him and give feedback.

It was another day at the Mysore Palace and the king was ready to have his lunch. His chief chef Madappa completed the preparation ofĂ‚  all the courses for the meal. But on the lunch that would be presented to the king, sweet was missing. So Madappa began to prepare a sweet. He got only gram flour (besan), ghee and sugar in his hand at that time. He made Kind of sweet Syrup. But ,By the time the King finished his lunch, the dish had cooled down to become a cake. The chef then served it hesitantly to the King. A delighted Krishnaraja Wodeyar asked what it was. Madappa, nervously named it 'Mysore Paka' . Paka in Kannada means a sweet concoction.

Then, the king was willing to share that sweet to his people. So he requested Madappa to open a new sweet stall at the outside of the palace. Madappa started his own sweet stall called Guru Sweets. Even today this shop is very famous for the Mysore Pak sweet.

Women in Mysore say that during the 10 days of Dasara festivities, they are meant to prepare at least 51 traditional items. And a platter of food and sweets without a bit of Mysore Pak in it, they say is incomplete.

Interesting right?