Good laxative. It's a best natural medicine for Constipation, diarrhea, dyspepsia.

It will cure bile.

It will provide enough stamina.

Good for heart.

It will helpful to cure Psychic related diseases.

It will be good for the liver too.

It controls inflammation of the pancreas.

Solves Urinary problems

It will resolve liver problems.

It helps to regular menstrual cycle.

It will give relief from Anemic.

Papaya is used to treat inflammation of the spleen.

Eating raw papaya or raw papaya juice helps to treat infections by worms.

Arginine which is available from the papain enzymes helps to increase the ability of masculinity. Also Carpaine from papaya helps to maintain the healthy heart and fibrin helps to Blood coagulation.

Combination of various enzymes from papaya will cure cancer.

It helps to keep the shining of the body and maintaining being young.

It will purify throughout the body of the toxin

Whenever following up fasting, drink papaya juice and cucumber juice alternatively. This will helpful to remove the waste from the body.

Whoever taking antibiotic treatment needs to eat lots of papaya. Because, this will reproduce lots of good bacteria on intestinal muscles which are destroyed during the treatment.

Well ripened papaya fruit seeds, will help to expel intestinal worms. Also will avoid thirst.
Papaya leaves powder will helpful for elephantiasis disease, nerve pain!

Papaya will be available for a whole year. Papaya is rich in Vitamin A. This will be helpful for Dental related diseases, melt down the small stone from the bladder. Also, it will strengthen the veins, improve the blood production, to increase the memory power!

Women who don't have proper levels of menopause, particularly women who suffer from menstrual disorder needs to eat papaya to get better!

People who are having Papaya fruit often, will not be facing any diseases. Even by any kind of infectious.Papaya fruit contains a type of naturally disinfect and kill disease germs in the blood associated with the disease.