Mustard oil has the capability to overcome from the lot of hair related issues. Since it has beta-carotene, it will become Vitamin A when used on the hair, and it triggers to increase hair growth. Also It will remove dandruff.

How can we use the mustard oil?

1. Heat mustard oil to warm. Apply it on your hair. Massage for a while and keep it for 3 hrs. Take a head bath. This step helps to increase the blood flow on the head and increase hair growth.

2. For removing the dandraff add a little lemon juice with mustard oil and apply on the scalp and massage. Keep it for 30 minutes and then have a bath. If we do this twice a week for one month, then the total dandruff will be gone out from the head.

3. To get silky and bright hair, add a little yogurt(curd) with mustard oil and apply on the head. Keep for 15 mins then have a bath. This will maintain hair being silky and increase hair growth.