Raw Jack fruit is one of the best vegetable which has rare nutrients

Jack, is a species of tree in the mulberry and fig family. It grows well in hot countries. In India, it will be available from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa and Northeastern states. East Asian countries, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Bangladesh also has much jack trees.

We know much about the Jack fruit. Young raw jackfruit also can be used as best vegetable. It will be very tasty. It has many rich and rare nutrients. Use of raw jackfruit in the daily diet is frequent in Sri Lanka. It has and equivalent amount of the flour content as like rice flour. So people call jack fruit tree as rice tree. At the time of famine in Bangladesh, raw jackfruit used in the diet as an alternative for avoiding malnutrition. So in Bangladesh raw jack called as “Poor man’s vegetable”.

Raw jack fruit being used in diet for past 3000 years in Kerala. Till Portuguese domination raw jack fruit used equivalent to rice in Kerala. Later Tropica introduced and frequency of raw jackfruit usage reduced. Raw jackfruit is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, iron, potassium, Calcium, protein, lactose and fiber.

Raw Jack has phytonutrients like Saponin, isoflavones. So it is a good antioxidant. Alkaline nutrient in it, provides immune power to the body. It has 60% of fiber, which will not be insoluble in water. Also, it has Water soluble ‘pectin’ nutrient. So it helps to solve constipation. Reduces bad cholesterol from the blood. It regulates high blood pressure.

Raw Jack has power to remove bile from the body. It has the ability to increase libido. It helps to increase the breast milk for mothers. The lactose and fiber in it will not increase the sugar level in the body. So it is suitable for sugar patients as well. The clinical studies confirmed that it will start to reduce the sugar level from the body within 30 minutes of a meal.

With raw jack, many traditional dishes are prepared and being used in the various states in India. The usage of raw jack is being reduced due to our fast lifestyle and it is available only during the season.

Since it is best food for sugar patients and it has rare nutrients, Indian agriculture research center, giving training to farmers on preservation and packing. Also, it helps people to start a business. We need to apply some oil in our hand during cutting the raw Jack. Also apply some oil in the knife as well. Later, just remove the outer skin. Then cut into four slices and remove the dregs parts. Then cut into small cubes. If the seeds are mature, remove the outer skin of it.

The glory of the Pottery

Pottery is made of earthenware or baked clay.

Pottery cooking is very healthy and provide long-lasting life. It will increase the taste of food. It will avoid the spoiling of food and keep tasting for longer time. It will helpful for easy digestion. The curd which is kept in pottery will not have a sour taste for long time. Keep the water cool and keep the taste. Even though the benefits are more, the majority of them not in use now.

Other than pottery, gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze vessels are used by our ancestors.

Silver vessels provide cooling to the body. It will normalize Biliary, Rheumatic and Kapa in the body. The food which is cooked in Brass and copper will prevent stomach related diseases. Also, it has the ability to cure ulcer.

We can avoid cough and hissing by drinking water in brass vessels. When cooked in an iron pan, the blood will be increased in the body. Also, it makes your body, strengthen, as like steel. Also, it will prevent eye related issues.

The food made in iron will remove the excess biliary, rheumatic and kapa from the body.

The soup made in aluminum vessels makes the very good smell.

So, we will be healthier if we use our traditional vessels regularly.

Even though we get used to modern devices, we can use the ancestors traditional vessels by considering our health right!

Why you should sit on the floor while eating?

Many of us know about the reason behind this. But, this is for who don’t know.

Sitting on the floor while eating is one of the important culture in Tamilnadu(South India). Nowadays buying a dining table became an essential requirement for home. It has become fashionable to serve food for guests at the dining table.

Earlier serving the food in the banana leaf on the floor is an honor. Now it became Dining table. Is it a right way? What’s the purpose our ancestors followed that way? The simple reason is, We need to fold the legs at least while eating.

If we hang the legs while eating, the most flood flow will go to the legs instead of the abdominal area. So it will delay digestion.

If we fold the legs while eating the flood flow will be stopped to the legs and the entire blood circulation will happen in the abdominal area. So while eating, the digestion will start in parallel. So that our ancestors recommended this way of eating!! If you like this information, share and comments with your friends and relatives.

Health protector Corn's Medicinal properties

Corn is the most harvested grain next to Rice and wheat in India. Cornbread (Roti) is the most popular food in the north India states.

100gram corn contains 70.1 grams of lactose, 127 mg of protein, 3.1 mg of fat, 222 mg of phosphorus, calcium 25 mg of iron and 4 mg of potassium and minerals.

Potassium helps to muscles contract and diverging. It helps to smooth blood circulation. Phosphorus and calcium, minerals help to strengthen the bones.

Corn is rich in B-complex vitamin, antioxidants. Its skin has like waxy substances. This substance increases the immunity power. It doesn’t have Gluten. So it will not create any food allergies. Easy to digest. Any one can consume corn foods.

Benefits of Green Gram

Green gram contained much calcium and phosphorus. It has much Protein, Carbohydrate, little iron. Also, it is rich in fiber and minerals.

It is very good for pregnant women. Boiled Green gram is easy to digest. So we can give it to pregnant women. Nutrients reach directly to the child in the womb. Doctors recommends to provide green gram to Children and Adults since it is rich in Nutrients. Who has stomach disorders, Green gram soup is the best medicine for who has stomach disorders.It will cure Fever. This green gram soaked water can be given to who has chicken pox, smallpox to drink. Green gram can be used as best medicinal substances for healing Cholera, malaria, typhoid diseases.

It will increase the memory power. Solanum Nigrum greens with green gram curry will reduce the heat during summer season. Particularly, it is a best medicine for stung anal canal and Hemorrhoids. Eating Green gram with rice pongal will cure brass, constipation. Doctors believe that cooked Gotu Kota with green gram also good for increasing the memory.

Using Green gram flour for the bath will increase the skin beauty. It will resolve the dandruff problems if green gram flour applied to head bath.