Health protector Corn's Medicinal properties

Corn is the most harvested grain next to Rice and wheat in India. Cornbread (Roti) is the most popular food in the north India states.

100gram corn contains 70.1 grams of lactose, 127 mg of protein, 3.1 mg of fat, 222 mg of phosphorus, calcium 25 mg of iron and 4 mg of potassium and minerals.

Potassium helps to muscles contract and diverging. It helps to smooth blood circulation. Phosphorus and calcium, minerals help to strengthen the bones.

Corn is rich in B-complex vitamin, antioxidants. Its skin has like waxy substances. This substance increases the immunity power. It doesn’t have Gluten. So it will not create any food allergies. Easy to digest. Any one can consume corn foods.

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