Jack, is a species of tree in the mulberry and fig family. It grows well in hot countries. In India, it will be available from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa and Northeastern states. East Asian countries, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Bangladesh also has much jack trees.

We know much about the Jack fruit. Young raw jackfruit also can be used as best vegetable. It will be very tasty. It has many rich and rare nutrients. Use of raw jackfruit in the daily diet is frequent in Sri Lanka. It has and equivalent amount of the flour content as like rice flour. So people call jack fruit tree as rice tree. At the time of famine in Bangladesh, raw jackfruit used in the diet as an alternative for avoiding malnutrition. So in Bangladesh raw jack called as “Poor man’s vegetable”.

Raw jack fruit being used in diet for past 3000 years in Kerala. Till Portuguese domination raw jack fruit used equivalent to rice in Kerala. Later Tropica introduced and frequency of raw jackfruit usage reduced. Raw jackfruit is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, iron, potassium, Calcium, protein, lactose and fiber.

Raw Jack has phytonutrients like Saponin, isoflavones. So it is a good antioxidant. Alkaline nutrient in it, provides immune power to the body. It has 60% of fiber, which will not be insoluble in water. Also, it has Water soluble ‘pectin’ nutrient. So it helps to solve constipation. Reduces bad cholesterol from the blood. It regulates high blood pressure.

Raw Jack has power to remove bile from the body. It has the ability to increase libido. It helps to increase the breast milk for mothers. The lactose and fiber in it will not increase the sugar level in the body. So it is suitable for sugar patients as well. The clinical studies confirmed that it will start to reduce the sugar level from the body within 30 minutes of a meal.

With raw jack, many traditional dishes are prepared and being used in the various states in India. The usage of raw jack is being reduced due to our fast lifestyle and it is available only during the season.

Since it is best food for sugar patients and it has rare nutrients, Indian agriculture research center, giving training to farmers on preservation and packing. Also, it helps people to start a business. We need to apply some oil in our hand during cutting the raw Jack. Also apply some oil in the knife as well. Later, just remove the outer skin. Then cut into four slices and remove the dregs parts. Then cut into small cubes. If the seeds are mature, remove the outer skin of it.