The glory of the Pottery

Pottery is made of earthenware or baked clay.

Pottery cooking is very healthy and provide long-lasting life. It will increase the taste of food. It will avoid the spoiling of food and keep tasting for longer time. It will helpful for easy digestion. The curd which is kept in pottery will not have a sour taste for long time. Keep the water cool and keep the taste. Even though the benefits are more, the majority of them not in use now.

Other than pottery, gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze vessels are used by our ancestors.

Silver vessels provide cooling to the body. It will normalize Biliary, Rheumatic and Kapa in the body. The food which is cooked in Brass and copper will prevent stomach related diseases. Also, it has the ability to cure ulcer.

We can avoid cough and hissing by drinking water in brass vessels. When cooked in an iron pan, the blood will be increased in the body. Also, it makes your body, strengthen, as like steel. Also, it will prevent eye related issues.

The food made in iron will remove the excess biliary, rheumatic and kapa from the body.

The soup made in aluminum vessels makes the very good smell.

So, we will be healthier if we use our traditional vessels regularly.

Even though we get used to modern devices, we can use the ancestors traditional vessels by considering our health right!

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