Red banana is a miraculous medicine for the married couple who want to bless with Child.

Childless couples who want children can eat this red banana and a half spoon of honey daily. Doctors recommending this diet for continuously 40 days in order to fertilize.

People consuming this red banana rarely, but it has much medical properties.

Origin of Red banana are American countries like Costa Rica and Cuba.

It is rich in beta carotene. So it is very helpful to Healing of eye diseases. Red banana is high in potassium. It helps to prevent kidney stones. The vitamin C is high in it. Also an antioxidant is rich in it. It has 50% fiber.

It is the best remedy for the people who has vision problems. If we take in daily diet, the eyesight began to be clear.

Who has night blindness can consume this fruit for 40 days continuously in order to cure.

Its best medicine for dental diseases as well. It cures toothache, shaking of tooth, etc. Dental patients can take this banana for 21 days continuously for the best result.