When we hear the name of raw mango itself, we will get saliva in the mouth. Like that we have many health benefits from mango.

We can prevent colorectal cancer by eating raw mango.

It helps in digestion, and bowel cleansing. It's a good appetizer.

Nutrients available from raw Mango:

Raw Mango is rich in vitamin and minerals.
100 grams of mango will contain

Calcium - 10 mg
Sucrose 14.8 mg
Fiber 1.8 g
Iron 0.13 mg
Magnesium 11 mg
Potassium 156 mg
Protein 0.51 mg
Vitamin A 38 mg
Vitamin C27.7 mg
Thiamine 0,058 mg
Vitamin B12 0.057 mg
Vitamin B-3 0.548 mg
Vitamin B-5 0.180 mg

Medical Benefits

Who want to reduce the weight can eat raw mango since it is very low in calories.

The vitamin C content in it, helping to produce new blood cells.

If we dry the mango flowers in the shadow and boiling with water and using this water for drinking, will cure diarrhea.

To cure Kibe we can apply mango tree adhesive on it. It will be healed easily.

Mango leaves will prevent the spreading of diseases which can be easily spread through the air.

Eating raw mango will cleanse the blood and make your body stronger.

It will cure neurological problems.

Eating raw mango is the best solution for night blindness and teeth related diseases.

Shiny skin, preventing the appearance of aging.

Mango Rice

First heat the oil in a pan and add mustard seed, urad dal and chana dal.

Then add finely chopped ginger, red chilli, green chilli, curry leaves and turmeric powder and fry it.

Then add finely grated raw mango and keep frying it for 2 minutes. Now add the prepared rice and mix it. Now the tasty mango rice is ready.

Medical benefits:

Fresh bloods will be produced.

Will address the issue of menopause. Pregnant women can eat mango rice instead of eating raw mango.


If you have skin disease or stomach pain do not eat. It will make the body heat.