The study found that reducing weight can be possible by eating mushrooms. Especially drinking Mushroom juice will reduce the fat.

Researchers also found that eating garlic in the empty stomach will prevent from the obesity.

These researches were conducted on mice, they got positive results.

Fatty foods have been given to the mice in this research and also given Mushroom. From this research, found that given mushroom kills the bad germs in the intestines of mice. Also, it helps mice to prevent the obesity.

Thereby Mushroom nutrients inhibit the fat staying in the body. Also, it resolves insulin problems and other problems like liver disease, cancer, insomnia, type 2 diabetes.

There are 500 million people having fat belly body and 1.4 billion has obesity in the world. Surely they would be happy for this news.

So who wants to reduce weight, can add mushroom in their daily diet at least if they are not able to take mushroom juice. The weight will be reduced automatically.