The superstitions and rumor about peanuts are spread across India by international companies saying that eating peanuts are fat and make cholesterol.

If we closely observe, during the ground nut cultivation, until the nuts producing stage, you can't able to see the rats. But once peanut started maturity, you can able to see a lot of rats and mice in the fields. Also Sheep, cows, goat, dog and surrounding birds which consume ground nut plant and peanuts are giving births at these times. So something special available from the peanuts.
Folic acid is higher in groundnut. This acid is very important for the women who are pregnant. It helps to smooth functioning of the uterus and it avoids uterine tumors. Also, it creates a maximum probability for pregnant. If women taking this daily, they get better maternity. The Ovum's brain and nervous system will be better. It can be taken after fertilization as well.

Preventing diabetes disease:
Groundnut has much manganese content. It plays a key role in the transformation of fats. Also, it helps to get calcium which is required for our body. Particularly, Women who eat peanuts will be saved from osteoporosis disease.

Helps to crumble Bile stone:
If we take 30 grams of peanut daily, we can avoid Bile stone. One of the 20 years research proved this truth.

To protect the heart:
We think that if you eat peanut will put weight. That is not True. Instead, who want to maintain the fitness needs to eat peanuts. Peanut has nutrient called Resveratrol. It protects the heart valves. Also, it prevents cardiovascular diseases. Also, it acts as best antioxidant.

Who wants to be young:

It has polyphenols antioxidant. It prevents diseases and also helps to be young.

Increasing memory capacity:
Peanuts are good tonic for the brain. It has Vitamin 3 Niacin. It helps to increase the memory power. It Regulates blood circulation as well.

Stress out:
Peanut is rich in pariptopan amino acid. These types of amino acid help to produce the chemical substance called serotonin. Serotonin triggers the brain's nerves. Prevents stress.
So who eats peanut daily definitely will not get stressed.

Reducing cholesterol:
The readers will get a surprise if they read the title of this article. That's true. Most of our thinking is that eating peanut will increase fat. But it's false. But peanut has only good fat for us. Copper and zinc available in this nut helps to remove the bad fat from our body and increases the good fat. In 100gram peanut, 24gm mono and saturated fat available. Also 16gm poly and saturated fat available.

These two types of cholesterol, good for our health. Peanut contains the fat, which is greater than the benefit of almonds. Omega-3 improves the body's immune system.

Groundnut inspires International companies:

India produces much peanut next to china in the world. Peanut is one of the biggest reasons for producing more population in both these countries. So the sale of medicines for the child birth was very less in India. So, International companies Spreading false information about the peanut in India and China. So that people will not use these peanut and peanut oil. As a result, childless couples increased.
In the past 20 years the price of groundnut never changed much in India. But in the same period, consuming peanuts increased 15% in western countries. Also the price of the peanut also increased. If Indians start eating peanut, western countries need to import for higher rates. So considering this point, they spread rumors about peanut.

An end to the disorder of the uterus:
Peanut regulates the growth of the Women's natural hormones. As a result, women blessed with baby quickly, and prevents the breast cancer. Folic acid, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, vitamins, crotonic acid are essentials for the women and peanut has these nutrients. So ovarian tumors in women, will be prevented.

Peanut contains:
The below nutrients are available in 100gm peanuts.
Carbohydrate 21 mg
Fiber 9 mg
Soluble (good HDL) cholesterol - 40 mg
Protein, 25 mg
Tryptophan 0.24 g.
tryonin - 0.85 g
Isolusin - 0.85 mg
Leucine - 1,625 mg
Lysine - 0,901 kg
Gluttonous acid 5 g
Claicin 1,512 g
Vitamins B1, B 2, B 3, B 5, B 6, C
Calcium (calcium) - 93.00 mg
Copper - 11.44 mg
Iron - 4.58 mg
Magnesium - 168.00 mg
Manganese - 1,934 mg
Phosphorus - 376.00 mg
Potassium - 705.00 mg
Sodium - 18.00 mg
Zinc - 3.27 mg
Water contents - 6.50 g.
Also contains much Folic acid nutrients.

Better than Almonds, pistachio:
We think that almonds, pistachio, Cashew nuts has much nutrients. That is wrong. There are too many nutrients in the ground than all of this. Has the ability to form the best immune system and energy.