Rice is one of the basic food of India. Still so many people in India surviving by having, just a handful of rice itself per day. So we can call Rice is a life-saving nectar. There were a million varieties of Rice during the Vedic period. Farmers saying that still there are 200 varieties of rice harvested currently.

Any kind of rice, in the stage of removing skin called as Brown Rice. It has 15 kinds of essential nutrients

Rice is a boon of nature for human beings since it has Vitamins B1, 2, 3, 6, E, K. You can't get it easily than rice, even though if you spent much money.

Since it has too much fiber, it will avoid any cardiovascular disease. Eliminates constipation.

Has a 88 percent manganese content. This will provide stamina to the body and increase the conferring resistance to disease.

The oil content helps to reduce fat and bad fat from the body.

27.3% selenium reduces vulnerability of bowel cancer. It avoids diabetes division 2.

Highly controlled sugar levels for diabetes patients.

It's very good to consume Brown rice for the women who are in post menopausal.

Its fiber content prevents creating stones in the gallbladder.

Brown rice is rich in nutrients for vegetarian.

Helps thyroid function.

Its magnesium improves blood circulation.

The bones are strong and determined.

Protected tissue.

Body weight is not getting an increase.

Asthma, pain, inflammation, joint pain is being controlled.

It avoids breast cancer.

Hair, teeth, muscles is getting the nutrients.

It strengthens the nervous system. It helps for mental health as well.

People who has gluten allergies can take  brown rice.

Soaked watery Rice is a nectar :

In general, if the rice is excess in the night time after dinner, Indian rural people add water on them and soak overnight and they will eat in the morning with the buttermilk, pearl onion, buttermilk chili or pickle. A lot of people will have a desire to eat this in the morning. Also, most of them take this due to their economic situation. Those who work in the field, will take in order to cool the body. Due to the modern life style it becomes into bread, cheerios, idli, dosa.

But many do not know this soaked watery rice is a nectar.  In 100g cooked rice, only 3.4mg of iron available.  But in 12hrs overnight soaked rice, having 72mg of iron.  At the same time sodium level reduced from 475mg to 303mg.

Potassium level increase up to 840 mg. Calcium level increase from 20mg to 850 mg. The overnight soaked, boiled rice, greatly helps to digest. Many having during sunny to cool their body. US nutrition analysts survey released the below results about the old soaked rice.

Old rice for breakfast making our body, light weight and nutrition filled.

The Highest level of good bacteria will be produced in the body.

Cure stomach diseases.  Its fiber content makes the body with energy.

Curing constipation.

Controls Blood Pressure. It controls fatigue. It cures all kinds of ulcers and allergies. Reduce the appearance of aging. Diminishes the idea of coffee and tea. Reduced drudgery of internal organs. Research confirmed that Vitamin B-6, B-12 much available.

Ayurveda and natural medicine suggest to use clay pot or stone pot for this food for getting the full advantages.