Egg Muffin breakfast

Breakfast Egg Muffins with Spinach: These muffins make a great breakfast, lunch, or a snack to pack up for work, school, or a picnic!  Just use a regular muffin pan for this recipe!I love that these breakfast egg muffins are very easy to make, and all the ingredients in them constitute, basically, a classic breakfast. These muffins have protein (eggs), vegetables (spinach, mushroom, capsicum). What not to like? These will keep you full for a long time!


Eggs - 12 (for serving 10)
Green chilli - 5
Spinach - ½ cup
Mushroom - ½ cup
Onion - 2
Green Capsicum - 1
Red capsicum - 1 (optional)
Butter - 1 tsp
Salt for taste


Finely wash the spinach, mushroom to remove the soil.
Finely chop the mushroom, onion, capsicum, spinach, green chilli.

Break the eggs into a bowl and beat well.

Then add chopped vegetables and mix it with egg beaten.

Add salt based on your taste. Green chilli spice is enough for the spice, if you need more spice add a little black pepper powder.
You can add the vegetables like carrot, beans, cabbage as well. If you add these kind of hard vegetables, add a two tablespoons of oil in a pan and cook the vegetables before adding into eggs.
Preheat the oven for 400' F.
Greece the muffin tray with butter.
Fill the egg beaten in a muffin tray into half and bake in oven for 15 minutes.

Remove out the tray and take out the muffins.

Serve hot. Now you will taste the wonderful, tasty, healthy egg muffin for your breakfast.

Running Egg with bread breakfast

This beautifully simple breakfast idea opens up a world of opportunity and a flavor combinations.


Bread - 1 piece
Egg - 1
Salt for taste
Pepper for spice
Vegetable oil - 2 tsp

Scoop out the center of bread using a round mouth glass like the snap.

Heat a pan and rub 1 tsp of oil in a pan. Place the bread piece and toast it.

In parallel break an egg and drop white and yolk at the center of the bread such a way to fill the scooped out portion.

Spray little bit of salt and pepper on the egg.
After a minute, gently rotate the bread to toast other side. Apply another spoon of oil on the side of the bread.

After a minute, remove out the bread toast. The egg needs to be half cooked.

Eat the bread along with the half cooked egg yolk. This is the wonderful running egg for your breakfast.

If the bees disappear from this earth, human can't survive - AlbertEinstein

"If the bees disappear from this earth, human can't survive more than four years in this world!" - Albert Einstein. Beware!
It is not sweet news!!
Bee! The world's most interesting and complex insect. Let's know about the surprising and shocking aspect of the bee?
Surprise! This tiny bee is the world's best pollinators. Bee is the main reason for multi-billion pollination for fruit varieties such as coconut, banana, pumpkin, apple, peach and food plants such as coffee, cardamom, cotton and all other food plants. World's 80 percent of the food is produced by the pollination. So the main hero of the world is Bee.
Bees information exchange system is more accurate than Skype, WhatsApp method. We know that elephants and turtles have very sharp and best memory power. But, Bees memory power is more than them. There are many more miracles happening in this tiny insect. But now the stunning news is the bees are in 'endangered species' list.
Yes. Surely this is the 'world-shaking news. The most benefit which can't be given by the entire population together to the Earth can be given by a single bee. Bees are helping that much to cover this Earth with the green blanket. We will understand the importance of the bee only if we know how its lifestyle yields the benefits to the world, to us and for food creation.
Dr. M.R. Srinivasan, Tamilnadu Agricultural University (Insect department) Explaining and provided the below interesting facts about the Characteristics of Bees.
6 Type of bees available in the world. Epis Dorsata, Apis Florea, Apis Indica, Apis Melipona, Apis mellifera, Apis cerana are those. The Apis Dorsata and Florea can't be grown on the farm. It will grow automatically in the forest. Other types can be grown on the farm.
In a bee family, one queen bee, a few hundred male bees (Drone) and thousands of worker bees (females) will be there. The life of male bees is 90 days, for worker bees 70 days and queen bee is two years. The only work to queen bee is oviposit. Male bee duties are only mate with queen and protecting the beehive. Worker bees are responsible for all other operations. Food collection, building the honeycomb, honey seasonable and maintaining bee hive cleanliness is the responsibility of worker bees.
Engineering, knowledge of bees is a miracle. Honeycomb is hexagonal in design. So that it will not lose even centimeter space. For male bee it will be a large hexagonal cell and for worker bee a small hexagonal cell will be allocated. The Queen bee alone will be staying in a cylinder shape cell. Queen bee will occupy this honeycomb and Oviposit only if the quality of the construction is satisfied.
The pollen of flower and its sweetness are the food for bees. If it has hungry then it will have instantly. Why it is collecting the honey, then?, To manage food during the winter days. World's best food processing technology is done by bees. Worker bees go out and suck the sweet liquids from the flowers and saves in in the honey bag which is inside the bee's stomach. This sweet liquid will not be digested and mix with enzymes and converted into a liquid.
Worker bee which returns back to beehive will deliver this liquid to the other bees which are waiting at the entrance. For that it will bring out the honey from the stomach by belching and drop into the other bee's mouth. A single bee needs to belching 50 times in order to make a drop of honey. Beehive protecting bee's will again belch the honey into the honeycomb which allotted and add inverdos enzyme. After that to vaporize the liquidity swing its wings. After that to secure the honey, it will apply some kind of wax on it. Only after these many steps, we taste the honey. Honey collectors will leave some part of honey in the beehive itself. That is the ethics!!

Queen bee just over sees these tasks. Only mating with male bee is its task. At the time, queen bee flew faster upwards. Whatever the male bee chasing, it will mate with the queen. After the mate, male bee will die since its wings will break. Then queen bee will lay the eggs and new born bees will be taken care by worker bees!
Information - sharing systems for collecting honey is attractive. When there is demand for food, bee 'Scout' will go out initially to find out the location of flowers which has honey and return back. Scout bees then communicate through its dance to other worker bee to inform in which direction and how far they have discovered garden.
There are two types of dances that bee can do. Round dance and Waggle dance. It will inform the distance of the flowers by round dance. In waggle dance, if it is flying up the flowers are available in the direction towards the Sun. If it is flying down, then food available in the opposite direction of the sun. If it is shaking waggle faster then garden is very near. Slow shake indicates the flower garden is far.
Bees dances relates the sun, the direction of the oasis, the location of their beehive. To discover the secret of the delicate dance of the Austrian ecologist Karl von Frisch got the Nobel prize in 1973.
When bees collecting honey from flowers, pollen will stick on the feet, and while sitting on the succession of flowers, it will spread pollen with various coalition. This is the reason of growing forest and gardens. Mostly we can see bees will be available in the forests. Because, where bees are available forest will grow naturally.
'' What is the risk to bees in order to enlist in the endangered species? ''
'' Bees are in the endangered species list in the western countries such as United States, Europe. In the last five years itself, 1/3 of bees vanished. Means, the destruction of bees has increased by 42 percent. In India, there is no risk for bees till now. However, the scenario soon would be in India as well.
The reason for this disaster is Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). IE, the worker bees which are going out for collecting honey will disappear in bulk.. The only queen bee will be in the beehive. Gradually no worker bees will be available for the particular beehive. In that case, Queen bee will be messed up and die soon. Otherwise, it will look for a different beehive. There are many reasons for this disappearance of  worker bees. Particularly, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified crops. Chemical fertilizer known as the Neonicotinoids, affecting the nervous system of bees and it will lose the their memory. So it will forget the way of returning to their beehive and roam to find and die. Genetically modified seeds called 'terminator seeds or suicide seeds' will not provide seed grains. It will only produce sterile seeds. Protein available in genetically modified crop  pollen will cause digestive discomfort to bees, at a point it will kill bees.

Thus, the changes made by man in agriculture for 'business profits' will destroy bees. In European countries, they found that the lack of  agricultural production in the last five years is due to mortality of bees. So, they banned synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified seeds. They are trying to flown foster bees in their fields to pollinate. Millions of bees destroyed by the selfish man like us, but we can't even create a single bee. When are we realizing this?.

"If the bees disappear from this earth, man can't survive in this world for more than four years !" - Albert Einstein

Terrace - Green vegetable garden!

What vegetables are grown in what month?

January:  Eggplant, chili, Bitter gourd, tomatoes, pumpkin, bottle gourd, radish, greens.
February: Eggplant, tomato, chili, bitter gourd, Ladies finger, bottle gourd, cluster beans, ridge gourd, greens, tindora.
March:  Ladies finger, Bitter gourd, tomatoes, tindora, cluster beans, ridge dgourd.
April:  Plant drumstick, cluster beans, ladies finger.
May: Plant drumstick, eggplant, tomatoes, cluster beans.
June: Eggplant, tomato, tindora, pumpkin, spinach, ladies finger.
July:  Chili, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, pumpkin, ridge gourd, radish, ladies finger, cluster beans, tomatoes.
August:  Radish, ridge gourd, bitter gourd, chili, ladies finger, bottle gourd.
September: Plant drumstick, eggplant, radish, spinach, ridge gourd, pumpkin.
October:  Plant drumstick, eggplant, radish.
November: Plant drumstick, eggplant, tomato, radish, pumpkin.
December:  Eggplant, bottle gourd, tomatoes, pumpkin, radish, chili and vegetables.

Let's start try to grow these in our Terrace or in our garden.

Beetroot Chutney recipe

Generally, we are using, coconut chutney, tomato chutney for the Idli, Dosa. For a change can we prepare Beetroot chutney? This can be excellent with rice as well, so simple right? Let's see how to make.


Beetroot -1
Grated Coconut - ½ cup
Green chilli - 5
Pearl onion - 10 (optional)
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Curry leaves - 1 leaflet
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Fennel seeds  - ¼ tsp
Oil for seasoning
Salt for taste


Remove the skin of beet root and grate.

Heat a pan and fry the beet-root until the raw smell goes out. No need to add oil or water. Just beet root alone.

Take out and add the fried beet , grated coconut,salt and 4 green chilli into a mixer jar and fine grind.

In the same pan, add 2 tsp of oil and heat it. Once oil hot, add mustard seeds, urad dal, fennel seeds and cumin seeds. Once the mustard starts splutter, add curry leaves and chopped rest of one green chilli.If you use pearl onion add the chopped onion in this step

That's all. Now the wonder tasty Beetroot chutney ready to serve. Try and post your comments. Share it to your friends.

World Food Day - Do not waste remaining food

Today (Friday), the World Food Day. World Food Day is celebrated every year on October 16. To the honor of Food, agriculture, UNSC (United Nation Security Council) is celebrating this day. Approximately 150 countries in the world celebrating together with multinational companies in order to improve the Food safety, plowing and lack of food.

The original concept of this event is to remove the poverty and hunger from the entire world. The primary goal is, each individual person should get the food. Why do you need to bother about hunger? One out of Nine in the world's population is surviving chronically.

Out of 100% hungry people, 60% are women in the world.

50 million children under the age 5 die due to hunger.

4 in 10 children having body and brain problems due to hunger in the poorest countries.

Can we remove the Hunger completely in the world? The UNSC policy, saying we can. It can be. For this, many world leaders have signed the agreement.

Number of children under the age of 5 dying due to hunger have reduced by half in the last 20 years.

Since 1990, the prevalence of severe poverty has fallen into half. Can hunger people study? Do they will work properly?. That is why the world Food day being celebrated across the world in order to break through hunger in the society.

Learn more about people’s hungry in the world. Learn hungry in India.

Learn to know the hungry people in your state, city, and street. There is enough food for everyone in the world. But it is not reaching to the people. Hence, our ancestors told that the best donation in the world is giving food to the poor people. So that Tamil devotee Paramachariyar told offer 'Handleful rice' to the poor daily.
Government Lunch program, play school are started in India by considering the hungry and poverty. Because among hungry people, 1/3 of them are children. It’s an unbearable cruelty. Researchers confirmed that if a hungry dominated in this world, nobody can survive peaceful and relieved life. Children and lunch program gave good result in India since this is being successful for past 50 years.


34.3 percent of children are having the growth problems.

Two out of five children are underweight.

More than 50 percent are anemic. Among unhealthy kids in the world, 1/3 are Indians. So they are becoming ingenuity. Job opportunities also will not be available to them. Many of the diseases easily infects them due to lack of immunity. Since Indian populations are growing very fast, food scarcity will be there shortly. India is at 63rd position among the 78 countries which has hunger. 1/3 of the kids are in India who is unhealthy, and weak.

According to UNICEF, 47 percent of the children in India are underweight. 46 percent of children under three years old are not growing well. Agriculture in India improved a lot. But a lot of food wasted due to the lack of proper maintenance. India is at the forefront in the production of milk in the world. Vegetables and fruits have produced more.

One of the study says that using the regular families daily wasted food, can solve 200 million people hunger. We are wasting too much food in the name of grandeur in marriage functions and ceremonies. A sad fact that millions of people go to sleep daily with the hungry.

But for some reason wasting 40 per cent of the food daily which research emphasized is the responsibility of each individual person. Even abroad, food bank started to provide food to poor people. On 2004 – 2005 , 407 million people were said to be below the poverty line in India.

On 2011-12 , 270 million people were said to be below the poverty line in India. So 137 million people come over from the poverty line is very happy news. How to avoid food waste by each individual?

Buy only as you much want.

Take small bags to the shopping.

Preserving fruit and vegetable in a clean refrigerator.

Don't through the excess food. Give to the needy and poor people.

Teach your children about the attitude of giving food to the hungry people. Prevent cereal wastage before harvesting them. Avoid wasting cereals in the post harvest. It's a waste of producing more if all the produced not being used. Prevent food gets petrified. Food Bank's goal is to bring food to the hungry people.

You can start a food bank in your street and give to hungry people. Food is kind of God blessing for all. The world's dangerous enemy is hungry. If that is the situation, then individual personally responsible.

Avoid grandeur wedding ceremonies. Feed to the orphanages on the day. This is a great thing that we start today immediately.

Unbearable headaches? We can cure by home remedies

Headache is a common problem for everyone and for all ages. If we feel headache, immediately we are taking a headache tablet. Some drugs will cure, some won't. Finally, waste of money for spending for chemical medicines. So instead of spending money on these expensive medicines, we can cure by natural medicines which is available in our home itself. If you use them, headache will be cured quickly as well as your money will be saved as well. Below are the few of our ancestor’s medicines. Try them and cure your headaches.

Cloves salt mixture:

Having a ground mixture of little rock salt and few cloves by adding little milk. Generally, rock salt has the capabilities of observing water. So, the salt in this mixture suck the moisture from the head. So it decreases the headache.

Lemon juice mixed with hot water:

Drinking a glass of hot water mixed with a little lemon juice will decrease the headache immediately. Most of the time headaches are caused by the production of gas in the stomach. This lemon juice is the best reliever for such headaches. This mix prevents gas production in the stomach and relief from headaches.

Massage with eucalyptus balm:

One of the most effective medicine for headache is massaged with eucalyptus balm. If we do it we will realize immediate relief. Eucalyptus oil is an excellent pain reliever.

Drinking warm milk:

Drinking warm milk can help reduce headaches well. Adding a little ghee in the diet during headache will cure as well.

Applying cinnamon stick paste:

Another best medicine for headache is applying the cinnamon stick paste on the forehead. We need to grind cinnamon sticks with little water.

Mix of Coriander and sugar:

Drinking ground mix of coriander and sugar will relieve headache. If the headaches were caused by cold in a while, you get immediate relief.

Applying sandal-paste:

Making sandalwood paste with little water and applying on the forehead also will vanish headaches.

Making massage with coconut oil:

Rubbing little coconut oil on the forehead and massaging for 15 to 20 minutes will cure a headache. Coconut oil is cold in nature. So, it is the best medicine if we have a headache in the summer.

Drinking juice of garlic:

Taking Garlic pods and making juice by adding little water and drinking a spoon of juice is also a best relief for headache. It penetrated into the head the garlic, served as an analgesic, to reduce headache well.

Keeping the foot in hot water:

Sitting in a chair, and quenching the feet in a bucket filled with hot water has been another household medicine for headache. This needs to be done at least 15 minutes before going to sleep.

While suffering from sinus and having headache as well, having headache for the long term will be cured if this method followed for at least three weeks. This could sense good progress.

Eating a piece of the apple:

Eating a piece of apple after getting up out of bed in the morning by rubbing little salt. After eating this needs to drink little hot water or warm milk. If we follow this for 10 days, chronic headache will be cured.

Massage with almond oil up:

Almond oil is good for the relief of headaches. Applying a small amount of almond oil on the forehead, and massaging up to 15 minutes will get rid of headache.

Ginger, cumin, flavored tea:

For curing the headache immediate needs to boil a cup of water with ginger, cumin and coriander for 5 minutes. Filtering this water like a tea and drinking will cure immediately. Drinking at least twice a day, will give good relief.

Rubbing Betel paste:

Betel is the natural pain killer. It is a good reliever for a headache. Taking few Batel and making into fine paste and applying on the forehead, will disappear headache magically.

To reduce eating cheese:

If suffering from headache, should need to avoid taking cheese, chocolate, goat fillet, etc. should be avoided entirely. Instead, needs to consume vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12, protein, calcium-rich foods more in the diet.

Especially, leaf type vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, Methi leaves needs to be added in the diet regularly. If you want to let the unification of headache, should avoid fast food and spicy foods.

Sleeping better:

The most important reason for the headache is lack of proper sleep. To fully get rid of the headache, sleep should take priority.

Especially the deep sleep for six hours a day is mandatory. So that headache will not be there. Above are the handy medicines followed by our great ancestors?

You also follow them, get relief from head pain. If you like these tips like this page and visit my website and provide your suggestions and comments.

Nature's bounty, hibiscus Medical Benefits

All of the flowers and leaves of hibiscus are medicinal. Hibiscus available in numerous variety of colors. Also, it is available in as single and multi-layer types.

Hibiscus flowers and leaves are a big solution for the problems such as hair growth and dandruff on the head.

If we soak the dried flower buds of hibiscus in the coconut oil and applying daily will make the black hair forever.

Including hibiscus flower in the diet will avoid the fatigue.

Drinking the hot water boiled with its leaves, helps to smooth blood pressure and controlling high blood pressure. This method will melt the bad fat from the blood.

Using the hibiscus flower petals cream in the bath, will avoid head lice, dandruffs from the head.

Grind the dried hibiscus petals with fenugreek powder and curry leaves powder and mix with the coconut oil and boil. Storing this oil in a bottle and applying for head bath will avoid hair loss and grows well.

Using dried hibiscus flower powdered like coffee, tea in the morning and evening will purify the blood and make the body glow.

Carrot Falafel Recipe

Everybody knows the health benefits of the Carrot. It's a first vegetable we would think immediately, which can be taken raw without cooking. Let's see the new recipe called Carrot Falafel. Falafel means deep fried balls.


Carrot - 4
Chilli powder - 2 tsp
Coriander powder - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder - 1tsp
Black pepper powder - ½ tsp
Rice flour - ¼ cup
Gram flour - ¾ cup
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Salt for taste
Oil for deep fry


Grate the carrot nicely with the food processor or shredder board.

With grated carrot, add chili powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, Salt, cumin seeds, Rice flour, gram flour.

You can add chopped curry leaves and coriander leaves if necessary. It will give extra flavor and taste.

Mix all together with your hand, such a way all will mix properly. Don’t add water. Because carrot will have enough moisture.

Make small balls as per the snap.

Heat enough oil in a pan for deep frying. Just drop a small piece of carrot mix in oil to check whether it is hot enough. If oil hot enough, mix will pop up immediately.

Now put the balls batch by batch and deep fry until the golden color.

Remove out and put it into a paper towel to remove the excess oil.

This will never observe much oil. Even if you squeeze the balls after the deep fry you won't feel oily.

Now the tasty and wonderful Carrot falafel is ready to serve.

Try and post your comments and suggestions.

Healthy Spinach with Flat Gram Curry

Taking Fiber everyday would resolve a lot of health problems. So today I am going to prepare healthy and easy Spinach Flat gram curry.


Spinach - 1 bunch
Flat Gram - ½ cup
Tomato - 2
Onion -1
Green chilli - 2
Ginger - ½ inch
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Cumin seeds - 1tsp
Fennel seeds - 1tsp
Turmeric powder - ¼ tsp
Chilli powder - 1-1/2 tsp
Coriander powder - 1tsp
Oil for seasoning
Salt for taste


Cook the Flat gram in a pressure cooker for 2 whistle. Take out and keep aside.

Wash the Spinach to remove the soil or sand and chop.

Add chopped tomato, chopped ginger and green chili into a mixer grinder and make into a smooth paste. No need to add water.

Now add 3tsp of oil in a pan and heat it. Once oil hot, add mustard seeds, urad dal, Fennel seeds and cumin seeds.

Once the mustard seeds start splutter add chopped onion and fry it until onion gets translucent.

Now add the tomato paste which we made and stir it. Once the raw smell goes out add chili powder, coriander powder and turmeric powder and stir it.

Then add the spinach and cook for 4 minutes. Now the spinach will be cooked and the amount would be reduced.

Finally, add the cooked flat gram and cook for another 5 minutes.

Now the tasty and healthy Spinach Flat gram curry is ready to serve.

Try and post your comments and suggestions.