If the bees disappear from this earth, human can't survive - AlbertEinstein

"If the bees disappear from this earth, human can't survive more than four years in this world!" - Albert Einstein. Beware!
It is not sweet news!!
Bee! The world's most interesting and complex insect. Let's know about the surprising and shocking aspect of the bee?
Surprise! This tiny bee is the world's best pollinators. Bee is the main reason for multi-billion pollination for fruit varieties such as coconut, banana, pumpkin, apple, peach and food plants such as coffee, cardamom, cotton and all other food plants. World's 80 percent of the food is produced by the pollination. So the main hero of the world is Bee.
Bees information exchange system is more accurate than Skype, WhatsApp method. We know that elephants and turtles have very sharp and best memory power. But, Bees memory power is more than them. There are many more miracles happening in this tiny insect. But now the stunning news is the bees are in 'endangered species' list.
Yes. Surely this is the 'world-shaking news. The most benefit which can't be given by the entire population together to the Earth can be given by a single bee. Bees are helping that much to cover this Earth with the green blanket. We will understand the importance of the bee only if we know how its lifestyle yields the benefits to the world, to us and for food creation.
Dr. M.R. Srinivasan, Tamilnadu Agricultural University (Insect department) Explaining and provided the below interesting facts about the Characteristics of Bees.
6 Type of bees available in the world. Epis Dorsata, Apis Florea, Apis Indica, Apis Melipona, Apis mellifera, Apis cerana are those. The Apis Dorsata and Florea can't be grown on the farm. It will grow automatically in the forest. Other types can be grown on the farm.
In a bee family, one queen bee, a few hundred male bees (Drone) and thousands of worker bees (females) will be there. The life of male bees is 90 days, for worker bees 70 days and queen bee is two years. The only work to queen bee is oviposit. Male bee duties are only mate with queen and protecting the beehive. Worker bees are responsible for all other operations. Food collection, building the honeycomb, honey seasonable and maintaining bee hive cleanliness is the responsibility of worker bees.
Engineering, knowledge of bees is a miracle. Honeycomb is hexagonal in design. So that it will not lose even centimeter space. For male bee it will be a large hexagonal cell and for worker bee a small hexagonal cell will be allocated. The Queen bee alone will be staying in a cylinder shape cell. Queen bee will occupy this honeycomb and Oviposit only if the quality of the construction is satisfied.
The pollen of flower and its sweetness are the food for bees. If it has hungry then it will have instantly. Why it is collecting the honey, then?, To manage food during the winter days. World's best food processing technology is done by bees. Worker bees go out and suck the sweet liquids from the flowers and saves in in the honey bag which is inside the bee's stomach. This sweet liquid will not be digested and mix with enzymes and converted into a liquid.
Worker bee which returns back to beehive will deliver this liquid to the other bees which are waiting at the entrance. For that it will bring out the honey from the stomach by belching and drop into the other bee's mouth. A single bee needs to belching 50 times in order to make a drop of honey. Beehive protecting bee's will again belch the honey into the honeycomb which allotted and add inverdos enzyme. After that to vaporize the liquidity swing its wings. After that to secure the honey, it will apply some kind of wax on it. Only after these many steps, we taste the honey. Honey collectors will leave some part of honey in the beehive itself. That is the ethics!!

Queen bee just over sees these tasks. Only mating with male bee is its task. At the time, queen bee flew faster upwards. Whatever the male bee chasing, it will mate with the queen. After the mate, male bee will die since its wings will break. Then queen bee will lay the eggs and new born bees will be taken care by worker bees!
Information - sharing systems for collecting honey is attractive. When there is demand for food, bee 'Scout' will go out initially to find out the location of flowers which has honey and return back. Scout bees then communicate through its dance to other worker bee to inform in which direction and how far they have discovered garden.
There are two types of dances that bee can do. Round dance and Waggle dance. It will inform the distance of the flowers by round dance. In waggle dance, if it is flying up the flowers are available in the direction towards the Sun. If it is flying down, then food available in the opposite direction of the sun. If it is shaking waggle faster then garden is very near. Slow shake indicates the flower garden is far.
Bees dances relates the sun, the direction of the oasis, the location of their beehive. To discover the secret of the delicate dance of the Austrian ecologist Karl von Frisch got the Nobel prize in 1973.
When bees collecting honey from flowers, pollen will stick on the feet, and while sitting on the succession of flowers, it will spread pollen with various coalition. This is the reason of growing forest and gardens. Mostly we can see bees will be available in the forests. Because, where bees are available forest will grow naturally.
'' What is the risk to bees in order to enlist in the endangered species? ''
'' Bees are in the endangered species list in the western countries such as United States, Europe. In the last five years itself, 1/3 of bees vanished. Means, the destruction of bees has increased by 42 percent. In India, there is no risk for bees till now. However, the scenario soon would be in India as well.
The reason for this disaster is Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). IE, the worker bees which are going out for collecting honey will disappear in bulk.. The only queen bee will be in the beehive. Gradually no worker bees will be available for the particular beehive. In that case, Queen bee will be messed up and die soon. Otherwise, it will look for a different beehive. There are many reasons for this disappearance of  worker bees. Particularly, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified crops. Chemical fertilizer known as the Neonicotinoids, affecting the nervous system of bees and it will lose the their memory. So it will forget the way of returning to their beehive and roam to find and die. Genetically modified seeds called 'terminator seeds or suicide seeds' will not provide seed grains. It will only produce sterile seeds. Protein available in genetically modified crop  pollen will cause digestive discomfort to bees, at a point it will kill bees.

Thus, the changes made by man in agriculture for 'business profits' will destroy bees. In European countries, they found that the lack of  agricultural production in the last five years is due to mortality of bees. So, they banned synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified seeds. They are trying to flown foster bees in their fields to pollinate. Millions of bees destroyed by the selfish man like us, but we can't even create a single bee. When are we realizing this?.

"If the bees disappear from this earth, man can't survive in this world for more than four years !" - Albert Einstein

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