All of the flowers and leaves of hibiscus are medicinal. Hibiscus available in numerous variety of colors. Also, it is available in as single and multi-layer types.

Hibiscus flowers and leaves are a big solution for the problems such as hair growth and dandruff on the head.

If we soak the dried flower buds of hibiscus in the coconut oil and applying daily will make the black hair forever.

Including hibiscus flower in the diet will avoid the fatigue.

Drinking the hot water boiled with its leaves, helps to smooth blood pressure and controlling high blood pressure. This method will melt the bad fat from the blood.

Using the hibiscus flower petals cream in the bath, will avoid head lice, dandruffs from the head.

Grind the dried hibiscus petals with fenugreek powder and curry leaves powder and mix with the coconut oil and boil. Storing this oil in a bottle and applying for head bath will avoid hair loss and grows well.

Using dried hibiscus flower powdered like coffee, tea in the morning and evening will purify the blood and make the body glow.