What vegetables are grown in what month?

January:  Eggplant, chili, Bitter gourd, tomatoes, pumpkin, bottle gourd, radish, greens.
February: Eggplant, tomato, chili, bitter gourd, Ladies finger, bottle gourd, cluster beans, ridge gourd, greens, tindora.
March:  Ladies finger, Bitter gourd, tomatoes, tindora, cluster beans, ridge dgourd.
April:  Plant drumstick, cluster beans, ladies finger.
May: Plant drumstick, eggplant, tomatoes, cluster beans.
June: Eggplant, tomato, tindora, pumpkin, spinach, ladies finger.
July:  Chili, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, pumpkin, ridge gourd, radish, ladies finger, cluster beans, tomatoes.
August:  Radish, ridge gourd, bitter gourd, chili, ladies finger, bottle gourd.
September: Plant drumstick, eggplant, radish, spinach, ridge gourd, pumpkin.
October:  Plant drumstick, eggplant, radish.
November: Plant drumstick, eggplant, tomato, radish, pumpkin.
December:  Eggplant, bottle gourd, tomatoes, pumpkin, radish, chili and vegetables.

Let's start try to grow these in our Terrace or in our garden.