Headache is a common problem for everyone and for all ages. If we feel headache, immediately we are taking a headache tablet. Some drugs will cure, some won't. Finally, waste of money for spending for chemical medicines. So instead of spending money on these expensive medicines, we can cure by natural medicines which is available in our home itself. If you use them, headache will be cured quickly as well as your money will be saved as well. Below are the few of our ancestorĂ¢€™s medicines. Try them and cure your headaches.

Cloves salt mixture:

Having a ground mixture of little rock salt and few cloves by adding little milk. Generally, rock salt has the capabilities of observing water. So, the salt in this mixture suck the moisture from the head. So it decreases the headache.

Lemon juice mixed with hot water:

Drinking a glass of hot water mixed with a little lemon juice will decrease the headache immediately. Most of the time headaches are caused by the production of gas in the stomach. This lemon juice is the best reliever for such headaches. This mix prevents gas production in the stomach and relief from headaches.

Massage with eucalyptus balm:

One of the most effective medicine for headache is massaged with eucalyptus balm. If we do it we will realize immediate relief. Eucalyptus oil is an excellent pain reliever.

Drinking warm milk:

Drinking warm milk can help reduce headaches well. Adding a little ghee in the diet during headache will cure as well.

Applying cinnamon stick paste:

Another best medicine for headache is applying the cinnamon stick paste on the forehead. We need to grind cinnamon sticks with little water.

Mix of Coriander and sugar:

Drinking ground mix of coriander and sugar will relieve headache. If the headaches were caused by cold in a while, you get immediate relief.

Applying sandal-paste:

Making sandalwood paste with little water and applying on the forehead also will vanish headaches.

Making massage with coconut oil:

Rubbing little coconut oil on the forehead and massaging for 15 to 20 minutes will cure a headache. Coconut oil is cold in nature. So, it is the best medicine if we have a headache in the summer.

Drinking juice of garlic:

Taking Garlic pods and making juice by adding little water and drinking a spoon of juice is also a best relief for headache. It penetrated into the head the garlic, served as an analgesic, to reduce headache well.

Keeping the foot in hot water:

Sitting in a chair, and quenching the feet in a bucket filled with hot water has been another household medicine for headache. This needs to be done at least 15 minutes before going to sleep.

While suffering from sinus and having headache as well, having headache for the long term will be cured if this method followed for at least three weeks. This could sense good progress.

Eating a piece of the apple:

Eating a piece of apple after getting up out of bed in the morning by rubbing little salt. After eating this needs to drink little hot water or warm milk. If we follow this for 10 days, chronic headache will be cured.

Massage with almond oil up:

Almond oil is good for the relief of headaches. Applying a small amount of almond oil on the forehead, and massaging up to 15 minutes will get rid of headache.

Ginger, cumin, flavored tea:

For curing the headache immediate needs to boil a cup of water with ginger, cumin and coriander for 5 minutes. Filtering this water like a tea and drinking will cure immediately. Drinking at least twice a day, will give good relief.

Rubbing Betel paste:

Betel is the natural pain killer. It is a good reliever for a headache. Taking few Batel and making into fine paste and applying on the forehead, will disappear headache magically.

To reduce eating cheese:

If suffering from headache, should need to avoid taking cheese, chocolate, goat fillet, etc. should be avoided entirely. Instead, needs to consume vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12, protein, calcium-rich foods more in the diet.

Especially, leaf type vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, Methi leaves needs to be added in the diet regularly. If you want to let the unification of headache, should avoid fast food and spicy foods.

Sleeping better:

The most important reason for the headache is lack of proper sleep. To fully get rid of the headache, sleep should take priority.

Especially the deep sleep for six hours a day is mandatory. So that headache will not be there. Above are the handy medicines followed by our great ancestors?

You also follow them, get relief from head pain. If you like these tips like this page and visit my website and provide your suggestions and comments.