Today (Friday), the World Food Day. World Food Day is celebrated every year on October 16. To the honor of Food, agriculture, UNSC (United Nation Security Council) is celebrating this day. Approximately 150 countries in the world celebrating together with multinational companies in order to improve the Food safety, plowing and lack of food.

The original concept of this event is to remove the poverty and hunger from the entire world. The primary goal is, each individual person should get the food. Why do you need to bother about hunger? One out of Nine in the world's population is surviving chronically.

Out of 100% hungry people, 60% are women in the world.

50 million children under the age 5 die due to hunger.

4 in 10 children having body and brain problems due to hunger in the poorest countries.

Can we remove the Hunger completely in the world? The UNSC policy, saying we can. It can be. For this, many world leaders have signed the agreement.

Number of children under the age of 5 dying due to hunger have reduced by half in the last 20 years.

Since 1990, the prevalence of severe poverty has fallen into half. Can hunger people study? Do they will work properly?. That is why the world Food day being celebrated across the world in order to break through hunger in the society.

Learn more about people’s hungry in the world. Learn hungry in India.

Learn to know the hungry people in your state, city, and street. There is enough food for everyone in the world. But it is not reaching to the people. Hence, our ancestors told that the best donation in the world is giving food to the poor people. So that Tamil devotee Paramachariyar told offer 'Handleful rice' to the poor daily.
Government Lunch program, play school are started in India by considering the hungry and poverty. Because among hungry people, 1/3 of them are children. It’s an unbearable cruelty. Researchers confirmed that if a hungry dominated in this world, nobody can survive peaceful and relieved life. Children and lunch program gave good result in India since this is being successful for past 50 years.


34.3 percent of children are having the growth problems.

Two out of five children are underweight.

More than 50 percent are anemic. Among unhealthy kids in the world, 1/3 are Indians. So they are becoming ingenuity. Job opportunities also will not be available to them. Many of the diseases easily infects them due to lack of immunity. Since Indian populations are growing very fast, food scarcity will be there shortly. India is at 63rd position among the 78 countries which has hunger. 1/3 of the kids are in India who is unhealthy, and weak.

According to UNICEF, 47 percent of the children in India are underweight. 46 percent of children under three years old are not growing well. Agriculture in India improved a lot. But a lot of food wasted due to the lack of proper maintenance. India is at the forefront in the production of milk in the world. Vegetables and fruits have produced more.

One of the study says that using the regular families daily wasted food, can solve 200 million people hunger. We are wasting too much food in the name of grandeur in marriage functions and ceremonies. A sad fact that millions of people go to sleep daily with the hungry.

But for some reason wasting 40 per cent of the food daily which research emphasized is the responsibility of each individual person. Even abroad, food bank started to provide food to poor people. On 2004 – 2005 , 407 million people were said to be below the poverty line in India.

On 2011-12 , 270 million people were said to be below the poverty line in India. So 137 million people come over from the poverty line is very happy news. How to avoid food waste by each individual?

Buy only as you much want.

Take small bags to the shopping.

Preserving fruit and vegetable in a clean refrigerator.

Don't through the excess food. Give to the needy and poor people.

Teach your children about the attitude of giving food to the hungry people. Prevent cereal wastage before harvesting them. Avoid wasting cereals in the post harvest. It's a waste of producing more if all the produced not being used. Prevent food gets petrified. Food Bank's goal is to bring food to the hungry people.

You can start a food bank in your street and give to hungry people. Food is kind of God blessing for all. The world's dangerous enemy is hungry. If that is the situation, then individual personally responsible.

Avoid grandeur wedding ceremonies. Feed to the orphanages on the day. This is a great thing that we start today immediately.