Add little cumin seeds with water and bring to the boil. Cool down this cumin water. Use this water for drinking for the day.  It will avoid in indigestion problem and control the diseases spreading from the water. It will make you hungry as well.

Chew little bit Cumin seeds and drink glass of cold water to heal dizziness.

Drinking whey with cumin seeds, ginger and little salt will cure gas trouble.

Soak the cumin seeds with ginger and lemon juice for a day.  Eating this mix daily, twice for three days will cure bile completely.

Eating dry ginger, cumin seeds, pepper, Piper Longum with little honey will help to smooth functioning of internal organs and prevent it from failure. Therefore, we can eat this weekly once as Prophylactic.

Eating cumin, cool the body and make it glow the skin. So, let's add cumin in our diet in some way daily.

Drinking grape juice with cumin powder will heal the initial blood pressure disease. For middle-hypertensive disease people, it will control the blood pressure.

Add little fine cumin, pepper powder with coconut oil and bring to the boil. Cooling down this mix and rubbing on the head before head bath will cure the eye irritation and make your eyes cool.

Add cumin with Coronilla grandiflora (Agathi green in Tamil) and pearl onion and bring to the boil like a tea.

Drinking this water with palm sugar will reduce mental stress.  Also, it will heal the initial stages of psychic disease.

Make powder of cumin, dry ginger, black pepper, coriander seeds, Alpinia Galanga together.  Eating this two table spoon of mix two times daily will avoid malaise and make you fresh.

Roasting cumin seeds lightly and eating with palm sugar will strengthen the nerves. Also, it will heal Hysteria.

Chew little cumin, two wins, four good black pepper and drinking a glass of cold water will cure all stomach related issues.

Making fine garlic paste with the cumin and drinking with lemon juice will heal intestinal disorders.

To stop diarrhea needs to drink warm water which is added with cumin seeds and ajwain seeds.

Women who have leucorrhea problems can make a fine paste of pearl onion with cumin seeds and drink along with milk to better result.

To cure liver disorders needs to drink lemon juice along with cumin seeds and Phylanthus Amarus

Drinking tea with cumin seeds will cure Dysentery.

A little cumin seeds powdered along with Piper Longum and eating with little honey can stop series of hiccup.

Eating banana with cumin seeds can reduce weight.