To Completely cure the cancer or prevent - Aloe-Vera... !!

If someone gets Cancer, the person become weak and wither. Even though the person is too strong and healthy it makes them week. Recent days medical field found some drugs and medicines to cure. But only the richest people can get those medicines. Poor people think that instead of spending too much money they will thing to adopt the disease and ready to die.

Even some people spend money to cure, lastly all become waste of money and all medicines are useless.

For such cancer, this is a simple remedy to cure gradually and completely.

Brazil's famous doctor and Father Fr Romano Zago found this medicine. Many of the severe cancer patients cured by using this Aloe-Vera medicine.

How to prepare this medicine?


Aloe-Vera -400 gm

Pure honey 500 gm

whisky (or) brandy 50 ml (just use as medicine)

Preparation method:

Remove the side thorns from the Aloe-Vera. Do not remove the skin. Clean the Aloe-Vera on the skin with the pure cotton cloth.
Next chop the Aloe-Vera as much small as possible. Add the chopped Aloe-Vera in a bowl and add honey and Whiskey or Brandy. Now the medicine is ready.

How to intake:

Have this 15ml of medicine 3 times a day before food. Shake well every time when taking this medicine.

For the given measurement , this medicine will be enough for 10 days. Then prepare again when its over.
We should not store this medicine more than 10 days.

Check with the doctor frequently and consume until completely cured. Somebody completely cured in a short time.

It is easy and very powerful drug.
Store this medicine in refrigerator or at cooling place. Use the bottles to store which do not allow air inside.

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