Food - During the first three months of pregnancy!

Women who are pregnant should be very careful during the first three months. There would be lot of possibilities for Miscarriage occurs in these times. So pregnant women, needs to have extra care with respective to eating foods and actions. Women will be recommended to eat good healthy foods by doctors. In the first three months of pregnant, women should eat foods which are high in protein and calcium. Because, these nutrients increases the growth of the fetus in the womb. Particularly protein helps to stabilize the growth of the fetus and, calcium helps to baby's bones strong. OK, Let's see what all are the foods pregnant must take during the first three months!!!


Spinach is high in calcium and iron. So, if expectant eats this, mother's body produces large amounts of blood and blood flow to fetal will increase at a higher level.


Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Therefore, pregnant women eating almonds helps to provide needed protein to the fetus.


Chicken meal, a safe for pregnant women. If you have enough chicken in the diet in the first three months, it will avoid morning faint and languid. Also, Iron in the chicken will help to increase in blood flow in the body.


It wont be enough just to eat foods rich in calcium. To absorb the calcium, Vitamin D is required to the body. Asparagus is rich in Vitamin D. Moreover, Vitamin D will avoid unnecessary morning unconsciousness.


Nowadays Many of us not opting ladyfinger in our diet. But there are a lot of nutrients in it. Folic acid is very important to health. This help to better walk. Moreover, it will prevent diabetes for pregnant women.


Orange fruit are rich in vitamin C, which increase the mother's immune system, and prevent from the disease. Folic acid in it helps to avoid baby birth troubles.


Benefits of broccoli are lot. Iron in it helps to increase the blood flow.


It is known to everyone that eggs are rich in protein. Therefore, eating 2 eggs daily will help to provide protein to pregnant women as well as the baby.


Generally, Fish is rich in Ome-3 fatty acids, calcium and vitamin D. So eating fish is good for pregnant women. Especially Salmon Fish has these nutrients better than other fish varieties.

One of the dairy product yogurt is rich in calcium. Sometime some women feel heartburn or chest burn during pregnancy. To allay such annoyance, its good to eat yogurt.

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