If we have one garlic pod on daily basis, we no need to go hospital at all

If we have one garlic pod on daily basis, we no need to go hospital at all. Garlic is very good for health. Taking one raw garlic pod before going to sleep will remove the entire bad fat from the body.

So people who are worrying about fat can try this option. It needs to be continued for few months. In fact you will feel the garlic flavor more, only if you eat raw garlic. If we eat frequently, our sweat also will have garlic flavor. But it will cure 'n' number diseases. Let's see few.


Eating 3 raw garlic pods daily will prevent from cold, viruses and stomach problems.

Diseases spread by Bacteria and viruses like fever, cough, infections will be prevented. Even if we get, it will be cured completely.

Adding garlic with our regular recipes is good. But while cooking its most of the nutrients will be removed. So it will be good to eat raw garlic.

If you have sore throat and hoarse voice, don't worry. No need to go to doctor. Bite four garlic pods and eat.

Intake of garlic will regulate the sugar level for sugar patients. Also, increase the secretion of insulin. If we take garlic for five months continuously, blood pressure will be reduced.

It has antioxidant called Allicin. It will strengthen the immunity.

Garlic helps to remove Nodules, warts, etc. Before going to sleep just make paste of garlic and apply little bit on them. Within few days these will be completely removed.

Garlic is the best medicine for allergy. Eat three garlic pods per day for 3 weeks. Allergy will be cured.

For tooth pain also it is the best medicine. Just bite a garlic pod such a way that its juice will go to the paining tooth. That's all. You will be completely alright.

It is capable of destroying from plague to SARS viruses. Helps to balance bloodstream. Arthritis will be go out and gas trouble will be cured.

Ether in the garlic will help to melt the thick mucus from lungs, lung tube and sinus cavities and expel out.

Drinking milk+garlic+honey mix daily will heal dysentery problem. It will be good medicine for who has fat and Arthritis.

For TB patients: Boiling one tumbler of milk with one tumbler of water, 10 black pepper, little turmeric powder and one full skin removed garlic pods till the milk reduced to 1 tumbler and drinking this milk will cure TB. Also, drinking this milk in the morning and before sleep will help to cure mucus, cough and gas trouble. Needs to stop drink this garlic milk once cured.

Giving this milk to Asthma patients will help to reduce their respiratory problem.

Adding garlic in our daily diet will help to remove out toxins if any from our food. Apart from killing the virus, it will cure unnecessary painful inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and any remove out unwanted air blocks.

Eating garlic will help to remove any worms from the intestines automatically. Also, it helps to remove out unwanted cholesterol, fat from our blood vessels through the urination. So the oxygen will be passed to all the body parts smoothly and blood pressure, pulse, breathing trouble will be better.

Cancer patients can intake one full boiled garlic daily along with their medicine. It will help to heal the cancer lesions.

Rubbing the raw garlic on pimples will remove out completely from the face.

If you take lot of food due to the wonderful taste, don't worry. Take two raw garlic pods and eat bite by bite. It will trigger the digestion.

People who is having trouble with Nervous breakdown and aging and not able to engage in conjugal life can take garlic regularly in diet. It will sweeten your conjugal life.