Ivy Gourd/Tindora - Natural Medicine Good remedies for tooth painStomatitis

Ivy Gourd/ Tindora , is a vine category plant. It will grow in all the parts of India. It will have layers of three leaves or five leaves. All the parts like leaf, fruit, raw Ivy, root are having medicinal value. According to the documents Indigenous people in India used Ivy Gourd as medicine for many diseases. It is very important medicine for Diabetes. One of the clinical research told that enzyme called glucose 6-phosphate from the leaf and raw ivy gourd, act on liver and reduce blood sugar levels. Diabetics should add this Ivy gourd twice a week in their diet.

The leaf cools the body. It is the best medicine for skin diseases. Ground leaves can be applied for diseases such as rash, scabies, scurvy. The leaf extract can be applied for psoriasis along with the butter. Indigenous people used to apply Ivy gourd leaf juice on the body for fever. To cure mouth sores, stomach wound(ulcer) need to drink two table spoons of Ivy gourd leaf juice daily.

During the diarrhea need to drink butter milk with two table spoons of Ivy gourd juice. If insects bites, need to rub with Ivy juice. For Swelling and inflammation of arthritis, need to fry ivy leaves with little castor oil and wound. Swelling will be reduced. Ivy gourd are rich in Beta-carotine and vitamin B. It has ability to reduce body weight as well.

Ivy gourd fruit is the best medicine for stomatitis and tooth pain. Boiling 20gm of ivy gourd root with 200ml of water and drinking will cure nephredema . Stabbing and inflammation of the joints due to increase in gall can be cured by drinking this water.

During the Ivy gourd season we can cut and half cook along with little salt and turmeric powder and dry with sun light. In couple of days it will become completely dried. We can store this and use whenever required.Ivy gourd is the best medicinal food for diabetic patients. So it would be best if they add twice a week in the diet.

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