All parts of banana tree are useful. All Banana fruit, Banana leaf, Banana stem, Banana flower parts are useful. Particularly banana flower has much medicinal properties. Those are follows.
  1. If you eat cooked banana flower twice in a week, it will extract out the unwanted cholesterol from the blood and remove out . Thus, it will decrease the viscosity of the blood and make sure the blood flow smoothly.

  2. If you eat cooked banana flower, blood will observe enough oxygen and iron nutrients. It will helpful to control blood pressure and to avoid anemia.

  3. Banana flower's astringent taste helpful to dissolve the sugar substances from the blood. So it will reduce the sugar level from the blood.

  4. Due to today's food habit and depression people getting digestion problem. This digestion makes gastric issues in the stomach, end result would be ulcers. Banana flower heal these ulcers and makes digestion smooth.

  5. It helps to cure Hemorrhoids and avoid blood going out with shit.

  6. Banana flowers helps to cure constipation and dysentery. It cures inflammation of the mouth and odors.

  7. It cures the uterine disorders for women. It helps to avoid heavy bleeding during menstrual periods or any menstrual problems. Also,it is the best medicine for LEUCORRHEA.