Okra's all parts like nut, leaf, seed and root are having full of medicinal properties. Much fiber in it helps to dissolve the cholesterol, and resolve the constipation disease. It cleanses the intestinal and get rid of Cacosmia.

If some one not feeling well due to constipation or fever, we can make soup with tender okra with butter milk(More Kuzhambu) and can be added in the diet to resolve them. Having tender okra juice with sugar will resolve cough, dysury and irritability etc.

Ladyfinger helps for beauty, masculinity. It helps to make interest on marriage life. Making powder of dry okra root and drinking with milk make sexual interest for both men and women. Increase men's libido. Helps to better urination, cooling body, dry skin and making shiny skin. It is the best natural medicine.

The specialty of okra is its viscous and stickiness. Some kind of acid making this stickiness. While cutting or chopping this acid will come out. Some ladies finger will have similar to slight thin fur. We need to wash and wipe with papers. Then we can cut it. After cutting we should not put into water since the sticky acid will go away and taste will be reduced while cooking.

Okra has a fiber called Pectin which helps to remove bad cholesterol from body. It has Magnesium which helps to normalize heart beats. 100Gram okra has just 66 calories.

For these reasons, okra is considered as one of the best vegetable in India.