Idli/Rice Cake is one of the breakfast item which south Indian eat often. Most of us don't aware what all are the hidden benefits in it? Let's get to know together now.

We are Soaking rice, Urad (black gram) dal and making into batter. Then leaving the batter for overnight and making in to nice Idli Dosa for breakfast. It was recently confirmed that this is the best double nutritional food.

Vitamins, Fiber, Iron, Calcium and Phosphorus in the rice and Urad dal act as antitoxin medicine. Due to the soaking process, Amino acid in it increasing into multiple times. Amino acid called Lysine which helps to repair tissues, increasing three times. Gamma-Aminobutyric which helps to good functioning of kidney increasing to10 times. Due to the over night soaking process, we get nutrition's like minerals , amino acids similar to Bengal gram(Chickpea) which we soak overnight.

Lysine acid helps to control the hungry. We can get this acid from Idli easily. So eating Idli will remove out the hungry faster and you will not feel hungry for longer time.

It will be good to have Drumstick Sambar (Soup) or Drumstick leaves Raita (Mixed with salt and yogurt) along with Idli or Dosa. Otherwise, some green raita. Else, Mint/Coriander Chutney. Because Vitamin -C helps to keep lysine acid for longer time in our body. This Vitamin- C is much available in greens.

Its not meaning that we can take more Idli/Dosa's. If we have more than 5 Idli, it will not be good for health.

So, Idli and Dosaare better food than Rice/Wheat food.