Before everyone told that coconut and sesame oil has much fat and not good for health. Then people told refined oil is good for health. Then people asked to move to sunflower oil. Then bran oil.

Now everyone advise to taking olive oil which is imported from Europe. So, Everyone one's question is that which oil is good for health?

Sesame seed was the one our ancestors used from the BC 3rd century. There are medicinal notes written in our ancestors books as well. Sesame oil is the one our ancestors used for cooking.

This oil has 47% of polyunsaturated fat acid. This is not only oil. It is the best medicine. Sesame oil is good for healthy uterus. Make sure to give the strength to body; It will provide better sleep, energy. It increases immunity. Sesamin, lignans and minerals in it will help to avoid from small germs to the huge diseases like cancer.
But, recent days our traditional way of squeezing oil from seeds gone out. Petroleum product called hexane will be mixed with ground seeds, then removed the natural flavor of oil, color, density by heating in more than 450 degree and transferred between various machines. Finally, what we are getting is just like a crude oil. We will say proudly as “Refined oil”.

The better option now is every one needs to change to the traditional way of squeezing seeds and getting the fresh oil. That's the only oil healthy. I am advising my family to buy seeds separately and getting the oil from it. Will you?