It's not good to cook well matured snake gourd. It's always better to choose young or slightly matured from the market.
  1. Snake gourd will cure the problem of masculinity. It will increase the sexual feelings.

  2. Those who are having thinner body can consume snack gourd in their diet often to get fat body.

  3. Snack gourd will remove the Digestive troubles and trigger the hungry.

  4. It has the capacity to heal intestinal wound. Who has Peptic ulcer, sore throat can follow snack gourd in their diet to avoid the major issues by them.

  5. It is rich in fiber, which is capable of cure constipation.

  6. Snack gourd is the best medicine to cure hemorrhoids.

  7. It gives refreshment to the nerves and improves memory power.

  8. Snack gourd help to women who has white discharge problem. Curing uterine disruption. Also, it will enhance eyesight.

  9. High water content in the snack gourd helps to discharge unwanted salt water through sweat, or urine.

  10. It cures rheumatism and bile disorders.