Jaggery coffee is still very special In Indian villages. Jaggery which is made by boiling the sweet toddy(drawn in a pot lined with lime to prevent fermentation) will have special taste, smell, medicinal benefits. This is not only used for sweet by our ancestors. Because, It has lots and lots of medicinal benefits.

Nowadays, there are sweet cakes being made with palm jaggery along with dry ginger, black pepper and long pepper. The awareness and demand for palm jaggery is increasing in the cities since it is very good for health even for sugar patience.

Recently Srilankan Institute of sugarcane research center did a study collaboration with Indian Institute of Sugarcane research center. This study proved that sugarcane jaggery with pearl onion(Shallot) is the best medicine to treat dengue fever.

Women can take pudding made with urad dal( black gram) and jaggery . It will help them to strength their hip and make uterus healthy.

Eating roasted cumin seeds along dry ginger and jaggery will make hungry. Eating basil(Ajowan) along with jaggery will remove gas troubles.

Wilting AcalyphaIndica(KuppaiMenigreen) with jaggeryand eating will cure dry cough and chronic cold. Jaggery

is the best medicine to increase the masculinity power.

Adding jaggery in the coffee instead of white sugar will control the suger level in the body. Even sugar patients can drink jaggery coffee. It has much calcium in it. Also, it will increase the immunity.

Sugar patients can take cooked hand peeled rice along with jaggery . It controls their sugar levels and avoids the frequent urination.