Natural face mask to get rid off scares caused by pimples. It's normal to get pimples during adolescence by hormonal variations. To cure these scares caused by pimples, there are natural medicines(home remedies) available. Its better to use these home remedies instead of applying chemical creams. If we use these remedies, the scares and pimples will disappear and also face will be get fresh and glow. Now let's see few tips to get rid off pimples and black scares caused by pimples.

Dill leaves (Fenugreek leaves) face pack:

Take little dill leaves and grind into fine paste. Apply this paste on the face and keep it for 30 minutes. Later wash your face with clean water. If we follow this steps daily, the scares gets disappear gradually.

Dill/Fenugreek face pack

Take little dill and boil in the water. Then leave it to get cool down. Apply this water on the face scares where it is. Also, use this water for washing your face. Don't wipe your face after that. Let it get dry with air. By doing this also you will see the best result.

Olive Oil

Massage the the parts where pimples and its scares exists using olive oil. You will get better results.

Aloe Vera gel

Take out the gel part from aloe Vera and keep it for sometime. In few minutes this gel will get melted and become watery. Apply this liquid daily on your face. Within few days, the black pimples and scares will disappear.

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