Yogurt is the best food for nutrients, protein, calcium, etc.

Yogurt contains large amounts of protein which is easy to digest. Only 12 percent of milk can be digested in an hour. But 91 percent of yogurt will be digested in an hour. Much Good bacteria available in Yogurt helps to increase the digestion.

The good bacteria is a triggering agent for body to absorb vitamin B from the foods.

Head massage with yogurt relieve from dandruff troubles and gives nice sleep.

Consuming butter milk or yogurt which is made from whole milk can reduce the Sugar, blood pressure, fat from the body.

Giving curd/yogurt to kids with sugar or honey will help to increase their weight.

Doing massage to the body using curd will remove the dirt from the delicate areas and rejuvenate to the body.

Applying a spoon of honey with pureed papaya along with two table spoons of yogurt mix to the face daily will make the face very brightness. Orange or lemon juice blended with yogurt as well can be used.

Yogurt is more beneficial to Nerves and bones.

Who has sleeping trouble can eat yogurt in their diet to get relaxed deep sleep.

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