Orange fruits used to be available for cheap price during the winter season. Winter is the best season for these fruits. Many people will buy much at this time and store.

Accordingly, it is filled with large amounts of nutrients. In addition to eating these fruit, if we maintain hair using orange, your hair will be very healthy and strong without any problem. Can not be able to believe? Try using the orange fruit as below and you will understand the power of orange. If you use Orange fruit, Especially for those who are suffering from hair loss problem, you will be escape from trouble instantly. OK, now let's see what all are the benefits of using orange fruit for hair.

Hair loss

Vitamin C and bio-flavonoids in orange, increases blood flow to the scalp and prevent hair flaking and increases hair growth. In addition, Orange has folic acid which is necessary for hair growth.

Hair Conditioner

After head bath, Applying orange juice with little honey on the hair and rinsing after 15 minutes will make the hair very soft and silky. This is the best conditioner.

Strong hair

Hair fall will happen even if the hair is not strong enough. Massaging the head with orange juice will make hair very stronger.

Silky hair

We can use orange juice to make density of hair and silky hair. For this need to apply orange juice on hair for 20 to 25 minutes with little milk or honey. Then need to rinse the hair.

Dandruff problem

Orange skin is the best solution for dandruff problem. For this need to make smooth paste of orange skin and need to apply on hair for 25 minutes. Then we have to take head bath with good shampoo.

Keep your hair clean

Orange skin will helpful to keep your scalp and hair clean. For this, need to soak orange skin in the water over night. Then, in the morning need to massage your hair with this water and soak for 30 minutes. Then need to rinse with clean water.

Fragrant hair

Massaging the hair with orange juice and rinsing will be helpful to get fragrant hair. You will get fragrant naturally for longer time.