Pearl onion/Shallots, big onion, white onion - Medicinal Benefits!

We know that there are pearl onion and big onion. Many of us not aware that there is one more type of onion available in the market called White onion. Among these three, pearl onion is the one has medicinal benefits.

Eating a raw pearl onion followed by drinking little warm water will reduce the cold and heal completely. It will heal dysury and strangury as well.

During heart palpitations also we can follow the same method of eating a raw pearl onion and drinking warm water. We can do this treatment as first aid whenever heart patient facing these palpitations.

Wilting chopped pearl onion with little sesame oil and eating continuously will reduce the blood pressure and it will heal completely after some days.

People who has piles needs to eat lot of pearl onion. Drinking buttermilk with chopped onion in it also will helpful. For external piles, need to wilt onion and applying on the impacted area will give good result. Wilted White onion with sesame oil also can be used for piles problem.

Pearl onion will be very helpful for who has dandruff and hair loss problems. For these problems need to make smooth paste of pearl onion and then need to add egg white. Then we have to beat like we do for making omelet. Now we could see the mix will pop out with bubbles. Applying this mix on the head and soaking for half an hour and taking head bath with warm water will resolve this dandruff and hair loss problems. For removing the smell of egg white we can use a better shampoo. For good result need to follow this method at least once per week.

If scorpion stings, we can rub on the place with crushed pearl onion. It will control if any poison. For bald head also we can rub with crushed pearl onion regularly to get the hair. For getting mustache also we can follow the same method.

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